Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Houston Republicans for Gene Locke

What is going on with Republicans in Harris County? Reading a blog post written by Mary Benton at, I see a list of Republicans supporting the candidacy of Gene Locke for Houston mayor. To say this is absurd is an understatement.

With a conservative candidate running for the office of mayor, against three Democrats, isn't it in the best interests of Republicans to support a conservative? What would Republicans have in common with the candidate that uses Team Obama for campaign support? Granted, most of the names of the people listed as "Republicans for Locke" are 'former' this and thats, along with business people but it still is a slap to Republicans working to move the city forward.

And, the robocalls from Harris County Clerk Beverly Kaufman to registered Republican households just before she announced her retirement was just too cute by half.

Among the comments on the blog post are those in support of Locke using adjectives on his leadership skills and personal qualities. That is all well and good. It does not, however, address basic differences in fiscal responsibility between the two parties, for instance. One supporter felt that by saying Locke is honest was enough for him.

Some would question the claim of honesty - the recent forum he agreed to participate in with the other candidates and then didn't show up, without notification to the three Republican womens clubs sponsoring the event - is hardly much of a character recommendation. Perhaps it seems like a small thing, but Annise Parker showed up as planned. Peter Brown followed Locke and didn't show. He sent a campaign aide to ask to speak to us on behalf of Brown. Request denied. That wasn't a part of our agreement.

Harris County Republicans need strong, fresh leadership. Gone are the days of go along to get along. Volunteers working actively within the party are demanding change. Honest leadership is a basic. It's not the sole reason to vote for a candidate. Local leadership has been silent and ineffective this election season.

Republicans in Harris County, we need our own style of change.

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