Monday, October 12, 2009

WH Wages War on FOX News Channel

The American taxpayer funded White House website is waging war with FOX News Channel. Just like Richard Nixon when he banished The New York Times from his world, Team Obama is doing the same to FOX News Channel.

Anita Dunn went on television and told the questioner that sure, White House folks would be available to be interviewed on FOX sometime in the near future. That was, however, a couple of days after her assistant told FOX that no one would be available through the end of this year. They consistently turn down requests for interviews, following the Team Obama demand that FOX be boycotted, as he participated in during the presidential campaign.

This is the leader of the free world?

Anita Dunn, White House Communication Director, told viewers recently that FOX News is " an arm of the RNC." She makes a common mistake of the uninformed. She confuses the news anchors and programming with the opinion shows featuring commentators. Poor dear. You would think someone in her position would be a bit more sophisticated.

Dunn claims, for instance, that FOX News didn't cover the Senator Ensign sex scandal but talks of other scandals involving liberals. Special Report did a bit of fact checking and found that in the course of 20 days, that particular news show did the story 11 times.

While there are no thrills up anyone's legs at FOX for the President, it is fair to say that the news shows during the daytime programming are as fair - more so - as other cable networks covering news. FOX News goes out of its way to present both sides of an argument on stories where pundits are brought in. That is certainly not true on the other cable shows. Fair and Balanced.

Pew shows recent polling results of 1/3 of FOX's audience self-identify as liberal and as people of color. More are self-identified as Independents. Since FOX has ratings double those of other cable networks, it would make sense for anyone wanting to get a message out to go on FOX, right? But common sense doesn't come into play for the whining, self-absorbed Chicago crowd. It is wasted opportunity. And, it is not presidential.

The White House blog confuses news versus opinion. It is like confusing the front section of a newspaper with the editorial page. Readers know the difference. So do viewers. The night programming of FOX is the same as CNN, MSNBC and other cable shows. It is opinion based programming. While some of the FOX shows trend conservative in the choice of hosts, not all do. None of the CNN or MSNBC night shows are hosted by conservatives. And, "Red Eye" that airs in the middle of the night on FOX has higher ratings than the Campbell Brown show on primetime for CNN. Ouch.


srp said...

Another typical Obama tactic... if you don't agree with what I say and do... you are racist or biased or opinion-based and not news. IF you look at the opinion based networks... well, MSNBC is so far left and over the top with spewing venom of simple hate it is now, for me, just a surfing station that I pass up as quickly as possible. But no one in the white house mentions that BIAS.

No president in the past who has lowered himself to take on the press has come out on top.

Let the war begin.. as if we have nothing else to do.

Kris, in New England said...

This man just doesn't understand his position does he. He allows his minions to spout off crap like this - it just demeans the office.

Not that I think P.BO ever respected the office to begin with - Mr. World Apology Tour Beg for the Olympics Faux Peacemaker.

Anonymous said...