Tuesday, October 20, 2009

WH Enemies List - Chicago Style

Did you get the message loud and clear Sunday morning as the White House mouthpieces went on the shows and blasted Fox News? David Axelrod and Rahm were busy explaining that Fox News Channel isn't really a news channel. That the other networks shouldn't follow the news covered by Fox News Channel.

Some on the far left - like MoveOn.org are calling for a complete boycott by Democratic politicians of Fox News Channel. Because when the big money donors talk, they had better listen...

Let's note that CNN recently actually 'fact checked' a skit shown on Saturday Night Live that poked fun of Obama. Finally, after almost nine months in office, the freeze on treating Obama as every other president has been treated is thawing. So, true to their own bias, CNN felt the need to come to the rescue of him. No bias there, none at all. Too bad that CNN didn't feel the need to fact check the Rush Limbaugh quotes. No bias there, none at all.

NBC News retail store is still selling Obama swag. A network news outlet is selling the image of the president on tshirts and the like. No bias there, none at all. Jeff Immelt, CEO of GE, the parent company of NBC is an Obama adviser. No bias there, none at all.

ABC News hired George Stephanopolous, former Clinton White House communications director, press secretary, etc, as host of his own Sunday morning chat show. Now they have appointed him as the fill in anchor of their nightly news show. No bias there, none at all.

A network news anchor is hosting a fundraising event in Boston for the new Edward Kennedy building - any bias there? Not a celebrity or well known Democrat to bring in the crowd, a news anchor.

Anita Dunn brags about how the Obama campaign - and now the Obama White House - "controlled" the news media and no one blinks. Have the major outlets just given up on any pretense of professional integrity and pride? Are they ok with opening being called the lap dogs of Barack Obama?

Is it the fault of Fox News Channel that members of this administration have resigned after inconvenient quotes and videos of past speeches have come to the surface? Is it the fault of Fox News Channel that other networks do not have the backbone to do their job for fear of wrath from the White House?

Remember the enemies list of Richard Nixon that became public? Lots of indignant outrage then from the media folks. Any bias? Every CEO has a list of that sort, it just usually isn't public knowledge. And, for the White House communication director to lead the charge against one cable news channel is unprecedented. What are they so afraid of?

Every cable news outlet has evening programming that is opinionated. That Fox News Channel is the only one that includes conservatives is unique. All the other cable news outlets - CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, even PBS, are dominated by liberals. This is not breaking news.

So, why does Fox News Channel beat out all the rest in ratings? What does that say? It says that viewers from all walks of political thought are watching. And, it shows that conservative viewers don't watch the others. That would be corrected if the others bothered to show more than one point of view.

For instance, on Meet the Press Sunday morning, the only conservative voice was Senator Jon Kyl in the very first segment. He debated a Democrat Senator about health care reform. The rest of the show was void of any other than liberal talkers. What sense does this make?

Chris Matthews of MSNBC openly spoke of a "thrill up his leg" about the effect of Obama on him during the campaign. NBC News reporter Lee Cowan, covering the campaign, said, "from the reporters its is almost hard to remain objective". Any open bias there?

As a column for Investor's Business Daily states, Senator Judd Gregg of New Hampshire warns we are fast approaching banana republic territory. He was speaking about the trillion dollar deficit but it is also shown by how the White House is treating the loyal opposition.

Anita Dunn stated in a speech before high school students that one of her favorite political philosophers was Mao Tse Tung. No network has bothered running that video clip, except Fox News Channel. No one is curious as to why she takes political inspiration from a Communist mass murderer, famous for his manipulation of the masses, who is now disdained by the Chinese?

It is the duty of the free press to report on who is running this country and what they are doing. It is right that the past speeches are exposed. They tell us who these people are. Dunn is in the inner circle. Was there anything false reported about the pasts of Jeremiah Wright, Van Jones, or William Ayers? No. It was simply the truth caught on video.

This will all backfire. They have been warned.


srp said...

I HOPE this will all backfire.
I HOPE we aren't headed for Chavez like control of the news media... (although, all except FOX are jumping into the big pot of water that is slowly going to boil and kill them all)
I HOPE we aren't headed to a complete re-write of our Constitution and Bill of Rights with Freedom of Speech getting dumped in the trash.
I HOPE, but am not convinced.

Kris, in New England said...

I too remain hopeful. That the White House continues to talk about this shows their ineptitude. Which should help in 2010.

I hope.

MIke43 said...

I'm holding my breath so they don't repeal the term limit portion of the Constitution.

Though, I don't think Obama really cares; one term and he's out. Then on to maximizing profit potential.

Rob said...

Good thing Fox won their lawsuit to legally lie about news, claiming they aren't a news organization!