Thursday, October 15, 2009

Soldiers Angels Germany

Are you a member of a group of like-minded individuals looking for a worthy holiday project? Are you looking for a special group deserving of your support as the holiday season approaches? I have a suggestion.

Please consider Soldiers Angels Germany. No doubt you are familiar with the Soldiers Angels work here in America, but did you know it extends overseas, too? There are many folks doing incredible work for our injured heroes as they are medically evacuated to Landstuhl Hospital in Germany from the battlefields in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are indeed angels on earth.

I am grateful to have found a generous group of like-minded women to meet with once a month - early Saturday morning meetings - and our dedicated leader, Martha, suggested our Christmas project this year be sending packages to Soldiers Angels Germany. They are always in need of basic items for our injured soldiers. One of our members gave of her time to go online and get some good deals on needed items and off our boxes went. We received a warm thank you note yesterday, via e-mail, from the coordinator at the hospital.

If you are interested, here is the website: for a list of needed items.

On the website you will also find heartstrings tugging stories. There is also a story about "Baghdad ER" which was once the military's busiest trauma hospital that has now been closed.

We are reminded of the 100,000 troops still in Iraq, as the focus shifts back to the war in Afghanistan. The coordinator writes, "We don't hear much about Iraq these days, but we still have over 100,000 troops there working hard to help the Iraqis with their country's development. Our goal during the surge was to provide security in order to make such development possible- and it is happening. We can never thank those who served there enough!"

We can never thank them enough.

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namaste said...

karen, thanks so much for sharing this. i will definitely be signing on. and thank you and your women's group for helping to take care of our enlisted men and women.