Sunday, May 30, 2010

American Exceptionalism? What Exceptionalism?

What runs through the brains of President Obama and his VP, Joe Biden? Is it simply a natural reflex to assume there is no exceptionalism to America on the far left? Just days before Memorial Day weekend and events scheduled to honor the sacrifices of brave men and women in our nation's defense, Biden jets off to Brussels and declares it the capitol of the world. Take that, America!

Here is the video:

No, in the mind of the Vice President of the United States, it is a perfectly acceptable remark to declare Brussels the capitol of the world. And, here we were under the impression it would be Washington, D.C. Especially if you are an American.

President Obama is not laying a wreath at Arlington Cemetery, as is the tradition of American presidents in observance of Memorial Day. No, no. Ushering in a new day of hope and change, this president is flying off to his adopted hometown of Chicago to spend the long weekend with the family in a little vacation. He is sending VP Biden and Mrs. Biden to do the official ceremonies. They will lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and also host a breakfast for Gold Star families at the White House.

President Obama will be the first of recent presidents to abandon the ceremony at Arlington Cemetery. Bill Clinton participated each year of his eight in office. George W. Bush participated in 7 ceremonies, the one he missed was due to his participation in ceremonies in Normandy.

Instead of going to Arlington Cemetery and honoring the fallen who are remembered on this day, Obama will give a speech at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery, just south of Chicago. This will be the 11th annual ceremony at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery. It was declared a national cemetery in 1999.

While it may not be necessary to honor the fallen heroes at Arlington, it is a tradition that should be encouraged. This is where the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier was placed and it is especially important to remember that. Any cemetery can be used which holds the fallen, of course, but Arlington National Cemetery is indeed a special place. To many Americans, this is another example that President Obama does not fully appreciate the importance of some very worthy traditions held in high regard by us.

Thanks to the brave sacrifices of our military, we are free to celebrate our nation's freedoms every day. The very least we can do is set aside a day to remember them.

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