Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Arizona Gov Brewer Responds to POTUS

Los Angeles has now become the largest of U.S. cities to vote yes on a boycott of the state of Arizona. The California State Senate President, Darrell Steinberg, told an interviewer today that he approves of this vote because the law signed by Governor Brewer allows police to stop anyone simply because of the color of their skin and demand proof of legal citizenship. This is how the rabid left portrays the action taken out of desperation by the leaders in the state of Arizona. They are determined to make political hay out of a governor trying to make a bad situation better in her state. The state is desperate for federal help and it is being ignored.

Well, except for the 'joke' President Obama told to the swell politicians and journalists and celebrities present at the White House Corespondents Dinner. His punch line was to the effect of "and we all know what can happen to you in Arizona". What a knee slapper. Almost as good as his predator drone joke, which if he was George W. Bush would have been enough to send Democrats into impeachment language. Remember how they all reacted to Bush's skit of looking for wmd in the Oval Office? But, President Wonderful gets a pass.

Here is a devastating video put out from Governor Brewer in direct response to the Obama "joke":

I am not entirely convinced that the law signed by the governor was the best that could have been done. I am, however, entirely sympathetic with the people of Arizona, especially as a resident of the south east part of Texas. We, too, need help with illegal immigration. That is the key, the illegal part of the immigration. We are still a nation that welcomes immigrants. As long as they come in through the front door and follow the law, we welcome newcomers here. It really is as simple as that.

Governor Perry says that he appealed to the federal government - back to the Bush administration - for help along the Texas and Mexico border. No response from either the Bush or the Obama administrations. There are parts of our border now that have become war zones over drug trafficking and human smuggling. How long before other states follow suit with Arizona?

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