Friday, May 07, 2010

Updating the Perry vs White Race for Governor

From an update by the Republican Party of Texas:

Former Houston mayor and Democrat gubernatorial nominee Bill White launched a $400,000 media buy in Houston this week. Why is Bill White blowing so much money to advertise in the city where he was mayor, six months before the election? Probably because in spite of his best efforts, his real record is getting out, and that record isn't pretty.

The Houston that Bill White left behind is deeply in debt. Bill White's successor has had to hike water rates for residents by as much as 30%, and she has contemplated furloughs for city workers including fire fighters and police, along with other cuts in city services. The Houston METRO is engulfed in a scandal that centers on the two members who were hand-picked to be on that board by Bill White.

Today, president and CEO, Frank J. Wilson resigned from METRO.

From Mark Miner of the Rick Perry for Governor campaign: “Refusing to release his taxes for his years in public service is just one example of dishonesty from Bill White, who hides the fact that he supports Obamacare, that he believes cap and trade doesn’t go far enough, that he joined a group of mayors against gun rights, and that his fiscal mismanagement left Houston with more debt per capita than California. With a record like this, no wonder Bill White is on the run.”

Some pundits of Texas politics say this will be an interesting race. Perry is ahead in the latest polls by four points or so. Democrats like to say that Texas is a purple state now but most political geeks in the state tend to stick with the Texas-is-a-red-state meme. Bill White is a multi-millionaire and has the financial advantage over Perry. It will be interesting to watch how he spends tons of his own money while doing the aw-shucks man of the people routine on the campaign trail.

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