Thursday, May 20, 2010

Calderon Bashes America. POTUS Agrees.

President Calderon visited the U.S. and met with President Obama yesterday before an official state dinner in his honor. Shame on President Obama for allowing Calderon to criticize America and then jumping into the fray and agreeing with him against one of our own states. Shame of this far left ideologue for his continued campaigning at the expense of leadership. Shame on the ignorance, deliberate or not, of this president who enjoys touting himself as a constitutional scholar. He continues to deliberately lie about the wording of the Arizona legislation to score points and it is wrong. To say that you object because there is a possibility that the law may be poorly enforced neglects to recognize that any law has that possibility. And, once again, the chief law enforcer of the country disparages the law enforcement forces of our nation. Just as Obama was quick to jump in and criticize the law enforcement of Cambridge, Massachusetts, he now does the same to those in Arizona. How low can this man go before the pubic rises and says enough is enough? It is long past time to demand real leadership, not school yard bully tactics from the president.

If the president or his administration bothered to read the 10 page law, they would read that the law specifically prohibits law enforcement from stopping anyone on the basis of skin color or ethnic profile. The only ones to be stopped are those who are breaking a law, regardless of skin color. There has been a federal law requiring those here on work visas or naturalized citizens to carry papers with them for many years. Everyone is asked for identification by law enforcement if stopped for questioning over activities witnessed.

This is what infuriates American citizens.

If the president was truly interested in working on immigration reform, he would support measures to increase legal immigration. He would secure our border with Mexico, first and foremost. It is his top duty as the Commander in Chief, as written in our country's constitution, to protect our nation's people. He would support measures to find a path for those here illegally to become citizens. He would support fines to employers who encourage illegal immigration by offering jobs. He would support deporting, immediately, those who are here illegally and arrested for illegal activities. He would stop the partisan and insulting language used by those in the Democrat party that wish to claim Hispanic voters as future voters.

We are in desperate need of common sense in this country.

It is important to argue for legal immigration, as Mitt Romney does. The Romney family has strong Mexican roots. It is crucial for the GOP to stop allowing the Democrats to make the argument that Republicans are anti-immigration. It is crucial to make the case for legal immigration.

The Romney family has a long Mexican history. Mitt's great grandfather left the U.S. to avoid religious persecution in 1884. He created a Mormon community in Chihauhua that still exists today. The Romney family has lived the hope of a better life in a neighboring country. The GOP has to get out front on the issue and encourage reform that would bring in educated and highly skilled workers, not simply allow low skilled workers to cross the border to be hired at lower wages. It is good fiscal policy to encourage those who want higher education and excel in their chosen field, whether it is science or mathematics or computer technology.

Mexican President Calderon came under questioning from the press, while President Bush was in office, for the reports that he has a brother living in the U.S. illegally. It was fine to question him then but now apparently it is not. President Obama has a distant relative living in the northeast illegally, after ignoring a deportation order, and now has been given a waiver to stay in this country.

Did the president work on this issue as a U.S. senator? Has he made it a top priority in his agenda? No to both of those questions. He knows it is a political hot potato and is only interested in future votes. He continues to prove to be unserious by his public posturing. The majority of the American people polled support the Arizona legislation. Once again, Obama is at odds with majority opinion. Once again, he doubles down against American voters.

First Lady Michelle Obama visited an elementary school with the first lady of Mexico yesterday. While there, Mrs. Obama was questioned by a little girl about her husband requiring the showing of papers by people. The little girl was mistaken about that, of course, but Mrs. Obama went with it. She said the subject needed action. Then the little girl told Mrs. Obama that her mother didn't have papers.

This little girl in Maryland presented the First Lady and her guest with an awkward moment. Too bad Mrs. Obama wasn't better prepared with her answer. Granted, there is only so much she could have said to a second grade student but there has to be a way of talking to children and explaining our nation's sovereignty.

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The first couple seem to have a penchant for awkward moments.