Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Professor Booed During Arizona Commencement

The recent debate over the Arizona legislation passed to address the growing crisis of the effects from illegal immigration facing the state moved into the May 2010 Commencement Ceremony for the University of Arizona College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Professor Sandra Soto decided it was appropriate to deliver a speech to the graduating class by inserting her own political opinion of the legislation. What should have solely been about the graduates and their accomplishments and hopes for the future became an avenue for a far left liberal professor to spew fort with her misrepresentation of the law.

The professor deliberately lied about the law. For her inappropriate tone and material, she was very loudly booed by the audience. Good for them. It is proper that they - the parents and loved ones that paid the tuition bills and supported the young people - protested the nonsense coming from the professor.

HERE is Sandra Soto's bio and info on the University of Arizona Women's Studies Department web page.

It has now been announced that President Obama, under strong criticism from all sides of the debate, is sending 1200 National Guard troops to our country's southern border. The current number 'monitoring' the border is 340. The new order includes $500 million. Make no mistake, this is welcome but it is for show. 1200 troops is far below the number needed. Plus, these people will not have the authority or training to do anything much more than push pencils at desk jobs or perhaps change a tire on a Jeep. They are not there to enforce. They are there to monitor and assist the Border Patrol.

During a closed door meeting over lunch with Senate Republicans, President Obama tried to make a show of reaching out. According to reports from those present, he showed himself as he is - thin skinned and petulant. Instead of showing leadership, he continues to agitate and provoke, as is his experience from his 'community organizer' days in Chicago. When Senator McCain told him that securing the border would have to come before immigration reform legislation could move forward with GOP support, Obama told him that this was not an acceptable approach.

McCain said, "I said we needed to secure the border first. I pointed out that members of his administration who have not read the law have mischaracterized the law." As is his habit, Obama tried to one-up former President Bush by claiming he is doing more for border security than done by Bush. Former President Bush sent 6,000 guardsmen to the border in 2006. The commitment was for two years.

President Bush and John McCain tried to get immigration reform passed and it was stopped by both Democrats and Republicans. Democrats have been in charge of both houses of Congress since 2007. It is well past time for the federal government to do its job - secure the border - and stop bullying states that are left no other choice but to do it on their own.

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