Monday, May 24, 2010

Salazar Preens, Jindal Takes Charge in Oil Spill Recovery

You may remember Secretary Salazar and his quote showing off his inner Nazi and macho role playing saying he and the administration would 'keep a boot on the throat of BP' as they deal with the drilling accident. Now, continuing along his violent speech pattern: “If we find (BP is) not doing what they're supposed to be doing, we'll push them out of the way appropriately,” Salazar said.

Everyone feeling better now?

A recap of Salazar's visit to Houston is HERE

Here is my question. After the administration, including and most especially President Obama, essentially ignored this tragedy from the beginning and then tried to change the narrative by claiming they were involved "from day one" and the slobbering press continued to do the administration's bidding, why is it acceptable that Secretary Salazar goes for weeks at a time without a visit to the Gulf coast? He showed up in Houston yesterday morning and admitted it has been weeks since he has been to BP's headquarters. It was, what, nineteen days or so before the president bothered to go to the coast and act as though he is on top of the situation. Imagine a Republican president with that slow of a time frame for a personal visit.

Today Salazar and Napolitano will go to Louisiana for more photo ops to show how involved they are in the situation. Yesterday Governor Jindal held a press conference with area state officials to lay out his plans forward. There is no more patience left for federal response or that from BP. He's pushing Salazar and his crew out of the way. He stated that his requests made to the federal government for equipment for preventing the oil from moving to the coastline has not been answered in a responsible way. The state has received a fraction of his request, more than 30 days after the fact.

Salazar has no experience in the offshore drilling sector. He is a standard liberal acting as though they are the environmental saviors. He conveniently never mentions it was him and his agency that signed off on the drilling waivers only days before this tragedy occurred. He does not have clean hands.

Typical of Washington, the president made a big deal of sending out a team of inspectors to oil rigs drilling offshore in the Gulf of Mexico with subsea blowout preventer (BOP)stacks after the Deepwater Horizon's accident. This was to show how involved the administration was in the whole thing. Anyone read or hear anything of the results of all these inspections? No? Imagine that.

Go HERE for the reports.

The reason that there was no press coverage of the inspection reports is because there is no 'there' there. The one rig drilling for BP, no surprise, has a rather substantial infraction and it was corrected. And, it was a problem with testing the BOP pressure. Other than that one, the others didn't amount to much. The Nautilus mentioned is the sister rig to the Deepwater Horizon, the rig commissioned by my husband in S. Korea in the shipyard as it was built. It drills for Shell, not BP - an important distinction. On inspection, it did well. A crumpled paper coffee cup was removed so as not to be a potential fire hazard. That infraction in no way compares to the seriousness of improper testing of the BOP.

Secretary Salazar huffing and puffing about the slow work of plugging up this oil leak is buffoonery. It is what we have come to expect from our government in times of emergency.

Bob Woodward, liberal journalist, spews forth with more absurdity: ..I think the one thing we’ve learned about oil is—it’s kind of answered the question why the oil companies have been making so much money. You don’t have to go down there and pump it. It just comes to you once you pierce the shell of the bottom. All of this is coming, you know, no pumps. It’s spewing out. Watch and cringe:



Janelle said...

And BP was a major contributor to Barack Obama. Oily, yes?

Karen said...

Yes. Obama received more $$ from BP than any other candidate. And, the big wigs have been frequent visitors to the WH.