Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rep Mark Souder Leaves in Disgrace

Once again the GOP is reminded of the consequences of those candidates running for office as beacons of moral superiority. Today, Rep Mark Souder, R-IN, just two weeks ago ran for re-election and won his primary in a tough race, has come forward and admitted to martial infidelity with a part time staff member. His all but certain re-election is now toast.

From the CNN blog Rep Souder said as he announced his departure from Washington:

"I sinned against God, my wife and my family by having a mutual relationship with a part-time member of my staff," he said. "In the poisonous environment of Washington, D.C, any personal failing is seized upon, often twisted, for political gain.
"I am resigning rather than to put my family through that painful, drawn-out process,"

How does his family feel about the youtube video he did with is lady friend on the subject of abstinence?

The hypocrisy and arrogance is breathtaking.

Souder claims it is the poisonous atmosphere that is the enemy, not his loutish behavior. Time and time again, we see those who claim to represent moral integrity and religious values prove the opposite after a little time in national office and are then sent to the dust bin of political history. This man even has a video interview with the other woman discussing his moral superiority - on abstinence.

One party does not hold the higher moral integrity. People are people, no matter of which party they belong to politically. Beware of those who would tout morality over all else. They belong in a pulpit, not political office.

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