Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Flotillas and Israeli-U.S. Relations

Israel has a responsibility to monitor shipments into Gaza. That is clear. Why did the supporters of Palestine chose to taunt the Israelis in the days leading up to their convoy into the waters monitored by Israel? If everything was on the up and up whey didn't they take the regular route on land? And, why were 'peace activists' armed with knives and lead pipes? How do they explain the report of grenades used and violenting throwing an Israeli overboard?

HERE is a video taken of the raid on the flotilla:

Turkey furnished the largest of the vessels - a cruise ship carrying the most people. The Israeli officials say that known terrorists were on board.

After the news hit the airwaves, the usual condemnation began against Israel for protecting its own country. Benjamin Netanyahu was due to visit the White House Tuesday and that trip has been cancelled. Netanyahu was in Canada when the news broke and he made the decision to go home and attend to this emergency.

Much of the details have yet to come out but some interesting tidbits are surfacing. One of the activists on board the Turkish cruise liner was a former U.S. diplomat from the Jimmy Carter days. Carter is a well know hater of the Jews so maybe this isn't such a surprise. Edward L. Peck was a Foreign Service member for about 30 years and served in Arab posts. He is a longtime critic of U.S. - Israel relations and enjoys the spotlight on such far left outlets as "Democracy Now" radio. Rev. Jeremiah Wright, pastor to the Obamas, is said to have been inspired by Peck and the credit of the famous line from the 2008 presidential campaign, "chickens are coming home to roost" goes to him. Wright bragged that he heard Peck use the phrase on FOX news in an interview and it amused him. Peck also accused former President Bush of deliberately extending the fight during the 2006 Lebanon War, according to Foreign Policy. Peck and four others are said to have represented the Free Palestine Movement out of California.

The activists had a flotilla of six vessels. The ruse was that it was all humanitarian aid. This is the standard story line as terrorists try to break through the protected area.

Given the abhorrent behavior of the Obama administration toward Israel - the latest slap coming just days ago as the U.N. Non-Proliferation Treaty is signed at the conclusion of the conference with the U.S. signing on after specifically telling Israel they would not if it targeted only Israel. Again the Obama administration lied to Israel and signed the agreement and Obama made the gesture of saying he "strongly' opposed the agreement. Really? Then why did his representatives sign on? How absurd. The agreement calls for another conference in 2012 to establish a nuclear weapon free Middle East. Currently, Israel is the only nation in the region known to have nuclear weapons. There was no provision made to call for a halt to Iran's nuclear weapons program. Surprise! National Security Adviser Gen James Jones said he 'deplored' the statement to single out Israel. Yet the statement was signed.

Israel has detained the flotilla people. Thirty-two are imprisoned. Ten were killed in the inspection by the Israel Navy at sea and several were injured. Seven of the Israel Defense Forces troops were wounded. The vessels were towed to Ashdod. In total there were about 700 activists on the vessels. It is reported that 16 of the arrested were jailed after refusing to give their identification.

Israel Defense Minister Ehud Barak said those who organized the flotilla have ties to Hamas and al-Qaida. He said it was a deliberate and violent provocation.

Do 'peace activists' on a humanitarian trek kill with knives, lead pipes and violence? Egypt also blockades Gaza. Why do we not hear about the activists provoking Egypt? Yeah, you know why. This has nothing to do with humanitarian aid.

There was an attempt to get a resolution of condemnation thru the U.N.Security Council today. It failed to flourish. Turkey has called for the Israel ambassador to leave its country. Turkey calls it a war crime. How about the crime of Turkey as an accessory to this incident by furnishing a cruise ship to transport the intruders?

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