Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nikki Haley and Blanche Lincoln Win Big

THIS article voices the prominence of women winners in the primaries for the Super Tuesday of the primary Tuesday night.

Despite the silly blathering of tv news person Elizabeth Vargas, I don't think it is legitimate to give Hillary Clinton the credit. Republican women were elected to high office long before Hillary Clinton was on the scene.

The two biggest winners Tuesday night were Nikki Haley, running for Governor of South Carolina and Senator Blanche Lincoln in Arkansas. Both defeated wrong-headed attempts to derail their aspirations.

THIS from The Wall Street Journal: Tea party favorite Nikki Haley prevailed over no fewer than three pillars of the GOP establishment, including the current Lieutenant Governor, state Attorney General, and a Member of Congress—and the state's media establishment. The articulate conservative and daughter of Sikh immigrants barely missed avoiding the need for a runoff with 49% of the vote and is the favorite to win that on June 22.

Haley was targeted by two men in the political world claiming to have had sexual encounters with her. No proof was ever presented and Haley kept campaigning. Besides being branded as a whore by these two sleazy men, she was also called a "raghead" by another male politician. The best revenge is winning and Haley did it. She was just short of avoiding a run-off and now her opponent is said to be considering stepping aside so that Haley can concentrate on the November election. She will be the next governor of South Carolina. She will be the first female governor of South Carolina and the second Indian-American in that position.

Liberals don't quite know how to deal with Haley. She is young, smart, a good campaigner and works hard for her employers - the people of South Carolina. Juan Williams, on Fox commenting about the primary results, said Haley would be the first Native American governor. Oops. Then he had to be reminded that Bobby Jindal is the first Indian American governor.

Blanche Lincoln won her primary against the challenge of the Arkansas Lt Governor. Eleven weeks away from primary day, he entered the race and his campaign was orchestrated by SEIU union thugs and MoveOn. The union spent $10 million of union members dues money. They claim they wanted to push Lincoln farther to the left. Perhaps they did. According to an unnamed White House source, Obama is angry with his best friends - the union thugs - and consider the $10 million as money flushed down the toilet when it will be needed in November against the GOP.

Arkansas went solidly for McCain in 2008 so Obama didn't physically go to Arkansas to campaign for Lincoln. He did, however, record telephone messages for robocalls. Bill Clinton campaigned for Lincoln in Arkansas and the crowds loved it. It is no doubt the reason she won a race all the experts were sure she would lose. Bill Clinton proved he is still President of Arkansas. Lincoln is far behind in the polls for November against her GOP challenger.

Instead of "raghead", that bigot better get used to calling Nikki Haley "Governor" Haley.

How sweet it is.

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