Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Obama Incompetent - Press Notices

The growing number of opinion pieces criticizing Barack Obama as an incompetent president and the incompetence of his hand picked administration is sometimes surprising. The slobbering press that was intent on putting Obama in the Oval Office is taking a harder look. Had they have actually done the job of researching the Obama political record and looking at his past behavior, none of his job performance would be a surprise to the newly awakened.

Yes, experience does matter. Team Obama is quite expert at winning elections, at crowd persuasion, but not so good at governing. Even with the best of spin, this gang from Chicago cannot change the narrative that Obama's complete lack of executive experience has caught up with him. The self-proclaimed community organizer agitates, he does not lead.

HERE is a devastatingly honest piece on President Obama.

The high point of his presidency came the day he took office. Since then, a majority of Americans has opposed virtually all his major policies and he has prevailed on several only because of large Democratic congressional advantages.

The problems are growing, but he's not. If he were, we'd see green shoots of improvement

There is a photo circulating on the Internet of White House staffers, including the young super star speech writer, shirtless and playing beer pong as the troubles continue. Yes, staffers deserve time off but this kind of visual is not reassuring.

HERE is the Gawker.com account of a party hosted by VP Biden for the White House press and their families. While it is said to be an annual event, again, it does not inspire confidence in a public cynical of the separation of the press and the Executive branch. This White House frequently holds teleconferences with bloggers, for example to put forward the talking point of the day, as well as calling reporters on the carpet for stories viewed as unfavorable. How much are reporters swayed by all of that? When they began the administration as kingmakers, it is understandable that readers are cynical.

In the New York Post, writer Michael Goodwin, who disclosed he voted for Obama, says Obama is not up to the job. "It's excuse time in the fudge factory. President Obama is getting lots of cover and advice from his left-leaning media friends. Their ideas run the gamut from public relations to, well, public relations. Beyond the irony of journalists urging more spin from a politician, the really remarkable fact is that none dare consider the possibility that Obama is simply not up to the job. It is a scary thought, but evidence of consistent failure is overwhelming." So, as the press began to parrot the public with concerns that Obama is not truly engaged in crisis management - especially in the case of the Gulf oil spill - and they begin to encourage him to show more emotion publicly, he responds with carefully orchestrated 'emotion'. Today he told a reporter on NBC News that he doesn't just call together scientists to hold college think sessions- he needs to know whose "ass to kick". Classy. That is his idea of showing emotion? Crudeness from the leader of the free world is emoting?

Whether it is answering 3:00 AM calls concerning world events or dealing with crisis at home, the response of this president and his administration has fallen short. Well into the second year of this four year term, Obama continues to finger point backwards and ridicule the minority party. He promised to bring a new day to Washington. Maybe people didn't understand the new day was Chicago politics.

It was Joe Biden who said, as a candidate, that the presidency is not for on the job training. Ironic, no?

Now, as the mid-term elections approach and the field is not looking good for Democrats, the president is hitting the road again to talk up the disastrous health care legislation passed despite the objections of a solid and, growing still, majority. Those who voted for it - all Democrats - will be punished come election day.

They were warned. They didn't listen and took the backroom deals and goodies from the president for one 'yes' vote too many.

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