Monday, June 21, 2010

Gov Jindal Files Amicus Brief on Obamoratorium

This is from a press release issued by the office of Governor Jindal:

The brief argues that states are entitled to participate in the policy and decision-making process by the federal government on issues relating to the exploration and development of Outer Continental Shelf minerals and requires the Secretary of Interior to cooperate with affected states. The brief states, “Inasmuch as the State of Louisiana was completely ignored by defendants in the establishment of this moratorium for alleged safety reasons, the question arises whether that failure renders Defendants’ action invalid.”

The President of the United States was very poorly advised by his Interior Secretary, Ken Salazar, in support of this six month moratorium on deep water drilling. Salazar should have been fired for incompetence long ago, certainly after repeatedly using such hateful language as "keep a boot on the throat" of BP. Salazar used and edited a report made by energy experts to support his own opinion against offshore oil drilling. The effects will be devastating to an already tragic environment due to the oil spill that is gushing on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.

Thank you, Governor Jindal for stepping up. You have been the one consistently strong and competent leader in this entire tragedy.

The judge commits to making his decision by noon Wednesday.


Jolene said...

Did you mean to link the whole post?

Karen Townsend said...

No, it is my awesome mastery of the publishing process! Not!