Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Obama Wants an Ass to Kick

President Obama told a reporter that he is seeking the opinions of the eggheads available to him so that he can figure out whose "ass to kick". I have a suggestion - let him start with his own. Does he really not understand the situation? Is he so completely dependent on polling and the opinion of others that he can not make basic decisions?

Though now that the situation has gotten away from him, he is in full rehabilitation mode. Sort of. As he hits the campaign trail yet again to sell the still vastly unpopular health care legislation and approves a taxpayer funded slick and glossy campaign for television spots to persuade the public, he continues to appear disconnected.

From The Washington Times:

After drawing initial criticism over its public response to the crisis, the White House is doing all it can to highlight the government's role in containing the spill and preventing similar disasters. Last month, the administration announced it is splitting up the regulatory agency that oversees offshore drilling, and the Department of Justice recently said it is exploring possible criminal charges against BP.

Obama predicts a long recovery from the oil spill: "No matter how successful we are over the next few weeks on some of the containment efforts, the damages are still going to be there," Mr. Obama said after meeting with his Cabinet to discuss coordinating the ongoing response, including monitoring workers for any adverse health effects. Hardly breaking news there.

As has become his pattern, Obama ignored the initial disaster and then slowly responded. The nonsense that his administration was on the problem immediately, "from day one" as the talking point now goes, is just not at all apparent to anyone other than maybe him. There was, of course, immediate blame placed on BP and that is just. But to claim the administration is actually doing anything to cap the oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico is ludicrous. They can coordinate the clean up efforts on the beaches and marshes in the wetlands yet they have dropped the ball on that, too. By waiting on BP to start passing out big checks, they have allowed the oil to come close enough that disaster onshore can not be avoided. Now to go on television and say he is waiting for word on whose ass to kick is laughable. Can't he figure it all out by now?

Kicking ass is the emotion the president of the U.S. is projecting to the world? Mr. Cool has to be told when he should show emotion of any kind? Since we are now told that they have been in charge "from day one" then I suppose he should be kicking his own ass with all the delays. We have yet to hear the president lay out his plan for recovery on the Gulf.

And, preaching to graduating students to not make excuses? Please.

The hypocrite-in-chief is always predictable telling students at commencement to do as he says, not as he does in office. He is certainly not leading by example.

NOAA is represented to the public by Dr. Jane Lubchenco, a marine ecologist and environmental scientist, is the ninth Administrator of NOAA. That description is from her Facebook page. She made an off putting remark that the Obama administration is committed to using "real" science. That must have been a swipe at the previous administration because leftists never think conservative or Republican administrations are using "real" science. It is arrogant and wrong, of course, but they - the people of hopey change - never really change. They remain small minded and nasty while accusing everyone else of the same. The finger pointing from the president trickles down through his administration.

I see November from my house.

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