Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rep Eric Cantor Responds to Obama

House Minority Whip Eric Cantor responds to President Obama's claim that he will be offering tough choices NEXT YEAR to stop the out of control spending in Washington. Why would he wait until next year if he has any plans that would stop the madness? When he made the claim in Toronto - in context of a swipe at Republicans, of course - he puffed out his chest and said that he would determine who was calling for financial restraint for political points with his decisions. Cantor asked a legitimate question - why wait for next year? He also responds with a list of GOP suggestions that have been offered all along to the Obama administration.

"We call on Speaker Pelosi to join us so we can engage with the White House, not next year but this year..."

The straw man argument that the GOP is simply the party of no and offering no alternatives to his proposals is nonsense and insincere. For a guy who campaigned on the promise to listen to every side of an argument, he quickly turned deaf.

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