Saturday, May 28, 2011

Governor Perry Signs Voter ID Bill

Friday, Governor Perry signed into law the bill known as the Voter Id bill into law.

The law would require voters to present a valid state or federal photo ID. A driver’s license, personal ID card, military ID, passport or concealed handgun permit is acceptable.

Voters without IDs could cast provisional ballots but would have to show identification within six days for their votes to count.

This bill is a bit more restrictive on acceptable identification than other states but mostly only because a student ID is not included.

The bill signed today enacts a voter ID law more stringent than its counterparts in other states. Unlike Indiana's law—which the bill was largely based on—Texas' voter ID law doesn't recognize student IDs as acceptable forms of voter identification

"This simple action, no more complicated then cashing a check down at the HEB or applying for a library card down the street, will appropriately help maintain the integrity and fairness of our electoral system here in the Lone Star State,” Gov. Perry said at the signing.

The standard cry sprang from the Democrats. They claim this will cause voter intimidation and harass the poor. Ridiculous.

Only in the world of a Democrat would showing personal identification be a form of intimidation. What other activity can one pursue without proper identification? To open a bank account, draw government funds, purchase property, drink liquor, buy cigarettes, register for school, etc, all require personal identification.

The vote is too precious to allow fraudulent actions to steal it.

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