Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Obama Re-Election Campaign Comes to Texas

President Obama comes to Texas to raise money for his re-election and it's paid for by Texans. What a sweet deal, for him, considering there is no way he will carry this state on election night. He will, no doubt, raise a healthy sum of cash for his time in Austin.

Last Thursday, six days before Air Force One was scheduled to land in Texas, the White House added an “unspecified” official event in El Paso.

If the White House adds an “official” event to a “campaign” event, the campaign can split the significant cost of Air Force One with the taxpayer, increasing the financial profit for the campaign. All presidents do this, but only the Obama White House does it with such bravura — shamelessly adding an “unspecified” official event six days before the trip occurs.

Last Friday the White House announced that President Obama would give an immigration reform speech in El Paso.

Clever, aren't they? Team Obama arranges a last minute trek to the border to pander to the Texan Hispanic voter when he needs a photo op for financing his trip. Never mind that Obama has ignored the horrid conditions just across the border from El Paso and the rising murder numbers on the border between Mexico and Texas. Mexican drug cartels and murdering Americans on the border? No, not on Obama's radar.

The Obama administration - led by President Obama - has taken great delight in punishing Texas for being a very successful red state. Texas leads the nation in creating jobs and a comfortable cost of living. For this success, the class warfare wielding President has ignored Governor Perry's request for a declaration of emergency to aide with historic wildfire damage to our state, allowed a retiring space shuttle to go to NYC instead of retire in Houston - home of the national space program, ignored Governor Perry's ideas on border security and illegal immigration reform - though he even hand delivered a letter to Obama as he landed in the state on another fundraising jaunt last August, allowed the moratorium on oil and gas drilling to continue via suspension of issuing permits and lease purchases, and continued bogus hassling in federal court over EPA rulings.

No one enjoys hating Texas more than Team Obama. Success breeds contempt.

Democrats were in control as Obama was elected and remained in control until January 2011. Nothing was attempted on immigration reform during that time, so it is difficult to believe it is a big issue for President Obama. He certainly was not supportive of former President Bush's immigration reform work when he was the junior senator from Illinois.

The El Paso speech, slated for Tuesday, “will reflect the President’s continued commitment to find a bipartisan way to create… comprehensive immigration reform,” White House spokesman Jay Carney said Friday. “The fact that we were not able to achieve that in the first two years only means that we need to refocus our efforts,” said Carney.

On Saturday, the White House announced that the president’s Tuesday speech will be about “fixing the broken immigration system so that it meets America’s 21st century economic and security needs.”

Nothing like election year converts, huh?

And, no tarmac greeting from Governor Perry for Obama in El Paso:

Rick Perry has declined the White House’s request that he greet President Obama when Air Force One lands in Texas on Tuesday, the Republican governor’s office says.

“We did try to arrange something with the White House,” Lucy Nashed, a spokeswoman for Perry, told POLITICO. “They asked us if we wanted to meet him out on the tarmac in El Paso, but we weren’t able to work anything out, based on the fact that it’s probably going to be a 10-minute greeting.”

God bless Texas.

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