Sunday, May 29, 2011

Obama Speaks at Memorial Service in Joplin

Does President Obama only attend memorial services if the politics are right for him?

Obama is described as "healer in chief" in this news account.

Though times of trouble can erase politics and unite people, a phenomenon Obama has commented on, his task as healer Sunday will be carried out on unfriendly political ground as his re-election campaign approaches. Obama narrowly lost Missouri to Republican John McCain in 2008, but in Jasper County, where Joplin is located, McCain won by a large margin: 66 percent to 33 percent.

Should the writer have said Obama is comforter-in-chief? He is described as "even tempered" and doesn't show tears or emotion. Maybe as his public persona, but we have all see the "bully in chief" on lecterns and at podiums around the country. He vilifies Republicans with carefree abandon. He even refers to Republicans as the enemy without any push back from the media who adore him.

The one opportunity Obama had to be comforter-in-chief was in Arizona during the memorial service for the Tucson shooting victims, including Rep Giffords, a Democrat. Obama included political rhetoric implying today's heating dialogues in politics are the reason for such violence. He not so subtly implied that conservative political rhetoric is the root of all evil. After the speech, liberal chat show hosts had a field day with what they considered a green light from above to go after conservatives, though Obama was supposed to be calling for a "new tone".

Obama is no doubt attending the memorial service Sunday since the tragedy is the worst in recent times for tornado activity. It's understandable to use that as a means of showing compassion.

Why didn't Obama attend the memorial service for the eleven men who lost their lives on the Deepwater Horizon explosion? That was the worst tragedy in the history of oil and gas drilling in our country. Was it because it was in very red Mississippi or that oil and gas drilling isn't politically acceptable for Democrats?

Just a question to ponder.

And, where was First Lady Michelle? Obama did not disappoint those of us a bit cynical of his actions. He did, in fact, slide on into campaign mode dialect and loud voice during his remarks to get the crowd fired up. Then, he reined it back in, as if he realized he was getting carried away again.

One suggestion - next time lose the chewing gum before you go into the service and are video taped for the world to see you chomping down in the audience, Mr. President. Decorum is a good thing.

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