Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Perry Gives Legislative Update

Governor Perry embraces new media. He is savvy enough to realize that bloggers can get his message out as well as traditional media outlets, in most instances. Tuesday afternoon he held a conference call with bloggers.

One glitch in the call was the oversight of a blogger to mute his/her phone. The Governor had to stop and ask that it be muted because of all the noise in the background. I kept thinking - Really? Someone didn't hit the mute button? The Governor took it in stride and handled it gracefully. Stuff happens.

He spoke of his accomplishments taken during the session of the state legislature that is now in Special Session. The top of the list was his resolve in not raiding the Rainy Day Fund for fiscal year 2012-2013. He said it is more responsible to save that fund for emergencies like natural disasters and not for recurring expenses. He used the example of the wild fires in the Amarillo area that ignited over the Memorial Day weekend.

Governor Perry is pleased with the stronger eminent domain law in Texas.

He is proud of the sonogram bill he signed into law.

Perry pointed to the bill referred to as the 'loser pays bill' that will further boost the reputation - already high - that Texas is an employer friendly atmosphere. The bill will cut frivolous law suits, much like the medical tort reform did for frivolous medical lawsuits. He said the long term results would include employers being able to spend money on new hires and equipment instead of attorney fees. Texas will remain the most friendly state for new business and family relocation.

Most of the questions the Governor took were from Texas bloggers but one from Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post spoke to his national exposure. She asked about his decision making process for a potential presidential run. He answered that he isn't talking about that during the legislative session, including the Special Session.

On the issue of re-districting, which is not written in his proclamation calling for the Special Session, he said, "stay tuned". He implied it may be added to the call before the legislature is allowed to go home.

Governor Perry stated that he intends to keep a close handle on the agenda for the session. Though everyone has preferences in legislation that were not passed, he said he is grateful for the Founders who put a limit on the amount of time that the legislature is in session.

Perry closed with, "Onward and upward. God Bless America and God Bless Texas."

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