Thursday, May 05, 2011

Rep Wayne Christian Lashes Out On Retaliation Efforts

Texas State Representative Wayne Christian is one irritated conservative Republican. Serving in his seventh session, from the 9th District located in east Texas, Christian is President of the Texas Conservative Coalition. He serves on the Ways and Means Committee and the Criminal Jurispurdence Committee.

Christian strongly feels like a man under attack. The irony is not lost that with a super majority of Republicans in the Texas House of Representatives, this very conservative member is in danger of losing his seat. He said the super majority "threatens my existence" in the House. Due to re-districting maps currently under consideration, some Republicans are pitted against each other, with some of the contests between former Democrats, now Republicans, against long time Republicans. Christian believes both the SBOE and House maps threaten the super majority currently in place. He said in a blogger's conference call that he believes the Texas House will be "not as conservative, not as Republican" in future sessions.

He advocates and encouraged all to tell Governor Perry to veto both re-districting maps.

Christian spoke of the Senate budget bill under consideration with a $5 billion gap from the bill passed in the House. He said it would probably not be fixed until the legislature was in Special Session. He warned of the use of the word "fee" in the bill when it is simply another word for "tax".

His social media guru, Will Franklin, was present for the conference call and spoke about the use of social media today. He is keeping Texans current on the work of the legislature through You can view his broadcast about re-districting here:

Christian, continuing with his thoughts of a man under attack, supports a popular line of thought that those legislators who supported Rep Paxton over the re-election of Rep Straus as Speaker of the House are now feeling the wrath of retaliation. As an example, he said he has eight bills ready to present on the House floor yet only one has moved in the calendar committee.

Responding to a question, Christian said that those interested in illegal immigration reform - the sanctuary city legislation - HB 12 will be voted on next week. He said to look for attachments to come from committees whose bills didn't make to the calendar committee.

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