Sunday, May 15, 2011

Herman Cain Pays Visit to TFRW in Austin

Potential GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain was in Austin to deliver a speech Friday. Upon learning that the Texas Federation of Repubican Women was holding a board meeting nearby, Cain paid an unexpected visit to the women.

From the press release:


Austin- Members of the Texas Federation of Republican Women were just finishing lunch when 2012 Presidential hopeful Herman Cain paid them an unexpected visit on Friday afternoon. In town for a speaking engagement with the Austin Economic Club, Mr. Cain rearranged his flight schedule when he learned the group was meeting nearby.

Mr. Cain spoke to the women about his potential candidacy and outlined some of his proposals for solving America's current financial difficulties. While he has not officially announced his candidacy for president, Cain said he would be speaking at a large "news-worthy" event in his home state later this month; implying that an official announcement would come then.

Cain's statements were well received by the group; when he urged President Obama to "get our oil out of the ground," the 100 women in attendance eagerly joined him in reciting the 'American Oil Independence' slogan, 'Drill here, drill now!"

Among Cain's proposals to stimulate and strengthen the economy were calls to reduce the capital gains tax to "zero," lower corporate taxes, suspend taxes on repatriated profits, and provide a payroll tax holiday for both employers and employees. He emphasized that many federal programs need restructuring.

"We need to move from an entitlement society to an empowerment society."

Mr. Cain also paid tribute to the Republican women's organizations, saying he knew how important they were in his home state of Georgia. He encouraged the women to "stay informed, stay involved, and stay inspired." He mentioned his grandchildren and future American generations saying, "It ain't about us."

During his remarks, made in the Embassy Suites Atrium, other hotel guests lined the balconies to listen. Afterwards, Cain took time to visit with the TFRW women and hotel guests.

"We are absolutely delighted that Herman Cain took time out of his busy schedule to meet with us like this." said Federation President Rebecca Bradford. "He certainly had an impact on our group today."

President Bradford was careful to note that the Federation does not endorse candidates in Primary Elections. Individual members of the Federation are encouraged to endorse and work for the Republican candidate of their choosing.

Founded in 1955, the Texas Federation of Republican Women's long-standing goals of education, training, participation in government, electing Republicans and encouraging Republican women to run for office has helped create a powerful organization that touted 11,000 members with 162 clubs in 2010. For more information on TFRW or to locate a local club, please visit

FULL DISCLOSURE: I am President of Memorial West Republican Women in Houston, a member of Texas Federation of Republican Women. In compliance with the by-laws of the Federation, I am not allowed to endorse anyone running in a primary. This is not to be taken as an endorsement.

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