Sunday, May 01, 2011

Watch Your Mouth, Donald Trump

I don't know if Donald Trump will run for President or not. I do know the man knows marketing. Not only did he elevate his presence in the media on a day to day basis but he also forced the President to produce his long form birth certificate. Then, after claiming victory in that tussle, Trump worked in a plug for his television show's season finale in May. Stellar, I tell you.

Now, fuller of himself than is imaginable, he is going off the rails. He spoke recently in Las Vegas and used very unpresidential language. He dropped on one but three F bombs during his speech. Really, Mr. Trump? This is how you see a President of the U.S. speaking in a public forum?

As my mother used to tell my sisters and me, watch your mouth, Donald.

Yeah, sure, Trump wants to sound like a tough guy. He enjoys pointing out how weak a leader Barack Obama is and that is understandable. He forced the President of the United States to do a quick press conference to announce he is, in fact, a U.S. citizen and eligible to be President. Surreal. So very surreal. Plus, it did beg the question, if his long form birth certificate was available all along, why did he allow it all to be dragged out for 3 years? Was it all just a political tactic to allow his staff to paint those questioning the document as kooks and nuts?

Yeah, probably.

Then he grandly said he was too busy of a guy, had too much important stuff to do to dwell in this situation any longer. Which was ironic.

By "more important things", President Obama meant he was taping Oprah in Chicago and heading off to New York City for three more fundraisers. He is, after all, officially the campaigner-in-chief now.

The more important things Obama has to do included flying to Chicago to tape a final chat with 2008 celebrity campaign pal Oprah, who's wrapping a quarter-century of syndicated touching tales next month. (The Obamas' episode is set for May 2.)

The president then flew -- no, not back to the White House -- to Manhattan for three Democratic fundraisers, where he spoke for a total of 67 minutes.

Sarah Palin made the rounds of political commentary outlets with her answer posed by a journalist - that was would she vote to raise the debt ceiling if she were in Congress? She replied, "Hells, no, I wouldn't." That caused a brouhaha for naughty language use. Not very offensive but it caught the attention of listeners. Certainly, it was nowhere near Trump territory.

And, then Mitt Romney jumped into the what-was-he-thinking territory. He made an unfortunate faux pas about hanging President Obama with his poor record and it went terribly wrong.

Speaking at a dinner hosted by Americans for Prosperity, the former Massachusetts governor said, "Reagan came up with this great thing about the ‘misery index’ and he hung that around Jimmy Carter’s neck and that had a lot to do with Jimmy Carter losing." He added, "Well, we’re going to have to hang the ‘Obama Misery Index’ around his neck."

Romney went on to say, "I'll tell you, the fact that you've got people in this country really squeezed, with gasoline getting so expensive, with commodities getting so expensive, families are having a hard time making ends meet. So, we're going to have to talk about that, and housing foreclosures and bankruptcies and higher taxation. We're going to hang him with that, so to speak, metaphorically."

Metaphorically or not, it was bad form from Mr. Romney. I don't know that his team made it any better for him:

On the heels of the potential presidential candidate raising eyebrows with the remarks, Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul addressed the questionable choice of words. She told ABC News, "It is not what the governor meant and that was very clear in what he actually said." According to CNN, Romney's camp called initial reports on his remarks "a ridiculous exaggeration of his actual comments."

And, it's only in the beginning stages. Gonna be a long campaign.

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