Monday, June 13, 2011

Campaign to Cut Government Waste

One really has to wonder where the nerve to campaign on all the previous campaign rhetoric of hope and change will come into play during Barack Obama's re-election campaign. He began his first term with signing an Executive Order, though he pledged to not govern with Executive Orders - hope and change - and continues to do things the same way every other President has done them, only more. Maybe that was the change he meant - do things like every other President only ramp it all up.

Barack Obama has brought on more czars than ever used before. How convenient, to use people not confirmed by the Senate or held to account to the voter. Were his supporters hoping for that? Wasn't this suppose to be the most transparent administration ever?

Now, a new commission is spotlighted. And, yes he used an Executive Order.

President Barack Obama will announce new steps Monday to reduce government waste, arguing that inefficiency, fraud and abuse are especially troubling during tough economic times.

Obama was to sign an executive order creating the Campaign to Cut Government Waste. According to a draft of the order obtained by The Associated Press, Obama will call for a new oversight board to work with federal agencies to cut back on waste and improve their performance. The order also requires cabinet secretaries to hold regular meetings with Vice President Joe Biden to report progress.

It is re-election time, after all, and the man very little to run on. Least of all is any accomplishment in the economic sector. This isn't the first commission Obama has put into force with Executive Order - most ballyhooed was the Deficit Reduction Commission co-chaired by Bowles and Simpson. Obama accepted their report and promptly tossed it aside.

Obama traveled to North Carolina to meet with this new commission, headed up by his bestie, GE CEO Immelt. North Carolina just happens to be a swing state in Presidential politics. It was all so very convenient for photo ops and campaign trail mumbo-jumbo.

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