Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ted Cruz for Senate 72 Hour Money Blast

The race for the seat in the U.S. Senate to replace Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison is getting more clear in firming up the slate of contenders. Recently both Roger Williams and Michael Williams have announced they will run for seats in the U.S. House of Representatives instead of the U.S. Senate seat. Truly the only known question mark at this point is if Lt Gov Dewhurst will decide to throw his hat in the contest at the close of the Special Session.

The Ted Cruz for Senate campaign has been reaping strong endorsements from conservatives both inside and outside of the state of Texas. A popular way for candidates to raise money online in recent campaigns has been the money blast or the money bomb. This is when a campaign sees a donation deadline approaching and want to continue to show their strength in raising money in the financial disclosure forms requirements. Ted Cruz for Senate campaign has been very successful in raising money and as conservatives, we should support that.

The campaign has announced a 72 hour money blast campaign and set a reasonable, attainable goal. To make it super easy, all you have to do is click on the button and you can show your support for Ted Cruz, if you so desire.

As a conservative political blogger, my commitment is to help save our country through my blog posts. It starts at the state level. Even if Barack Obama wins re-election, we need to win back the U.S. Senate and hold the House of Representatives to be a counter to the Obama agenda. It is important that the state of Texas send a solid conservative, a proven conservative, to fill the seat vacated.

Go to the website and give Ted Cruz a look. If you agree that he is someone you can support, hit the button. Every contribution counts. Do not wait to support candidates you agree with as you sit there and think, someone else will do it. YOU are that someone else.

We have a country to save. It's gonna take all of us.

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