Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gabrielle Giffords Attends Ceremony at Space Center Houston

Amidst beefed up security, recovering Congresswoman Gabriele Giffords attended a ceremony held to honor the crew of the Endeavour in Houston Monday night.

Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords made her first appearance in front of a crowd since being shot in the head in Tucson on Jan. 8. Giffords attended a ceremony honoring her husband, astronaut Mark Kelly, and the Endeavour crew at Space Center Houston Monday night. Giffords entered in a wheel chair and received a standing ovation from the overflow crowd. She acknowledged the applause by waving to the audience.

According to news reports, Giffords was able to stand and kiss her husband, Endeavour Commander Mark Kelly, as he received his Spaceflight Medal which is given to astronauts after they return from successful space missions. She waved to the applause of the crowd as she did so.

Dressed casually in jeans and sneakers, her hair is said to be a bit closer cropped than in recent photos shown in news reports. She chatted with those families sitting around her. She left as the home movies of the individual crew members began.

Good news indeed.

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Robert Hale said...

Great ! Good for her.Keep the good news comming. I like to here updates on Ms Giffords and I hope she makes a full recovery. She's a sweet person with a lot of class. So good for her.