Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Media Longs For Palin-Bachmann Cat Fight

This is what a 'progressive' publication wrote on the performance of Michele Bachmann:
Bachmann likes to play up her role as a rightwing gadfly in the Republican congress, but she lacks Palin’s charm and sexual charisma

Got that? This progressive rag reduces Sarah Palin to charming and sexy. Funny, I remember a whole lot of words like stupid, non-curious, tough, etc in the descriptions of Palin during the 2008 campaign on up to present day but not so much of the complimentary adjectives.

Bachmann will be dismissed as she already has by the press as not ready for prime time and the press loves to paint her as extreme in her conservative views. Like Palin, she is not bashful in expressing herself and is not hesitant to stay within her beliefs. That drives the press - liberals - nuts.

Palin draws a crowd and creates a buzz. So does Bachmann. With Bachmann now in the race formally, Palin will not enter it. They have the same voter base.

So in the meantime, the press enjoys stirring up nonsense with tidbits that the Bachmann camp said this about the Palin camp, and visa versa. So be it. Barack Obama gets another presidential campaign with the unabashed support of the press. Nothing new there.

The key is for both Bachmann and Palin to not succumb to the nonsense. They must form a united front and carry on.

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