Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sarah Palin is The Undefeated

Accepting an invitation to attend a private screening of "The Undefeated", the Sarah Palin story, I was uncertain as to what to expect. I thought I already knew her story and her political history.

I was wrong.

The movie is narrated by Palin herself and commentary is shown by the Palin supporters Andrew Breitbart, Tammy Bruce, Kate Olbershain, Mark Levin, and many of the Alaskans who worked with her as Mayor of Wasilla and then as Governor of Alaska. The people in Alaska provide background about Sarah Palin's rise from PTA to her race for Governor. What is particularly interesting is to hear about the six figure position to which she was appointed - on the energy commission - and how she ended up resigning from that position because she refused to go along to get along, as was the practice. The system was badly corrupted and the good old boys were allowing oil companies to write their own tickets.

I'm not going to go into all the different stories I found interesting because I want you to see the movie for yourself. It will be opening nationwide on July 15.

So, why did I go? I went because I enjoy a person's story. We all have a story and I wanted to hear Sarah Palin's story from her personally. The movie is based on her best-selling book "Going Rogue" and I didn't read it.

Here's the thing - my opinion of Sarah Palin hasn't changed from when I first blogged that McCain should pick her for a running mate, which was before she was being talked about as a running mate, by the way. I had read a story about her term as Governor and her accomplishments. What I liked was her common touch. I liked that she didn't push her family aside and that she didn't go wobbly when she got criticism. The woman has had her share of that.

The best part of Palin being chosen as McCain's running mate is that she inspired so many women to look at politics and get involved. I have heard from many women that Sarah Palin got their attention and made them think politics does matter in everyone's world. Palin also made them aware that every person can do something, even if it is only to go vote. That is the most important action of all.

Now, however, I still feel the same as I did after the 2008 election loss. I want Sarah Palin to continue to do what she is doing and to not run again for election. I want her to continue to inspire huge crowds, to raise gobs of money for conservative candidates, to campaign for conservative candidates, to grab media attention, to work for the reform of the Republican party along the way. This is her true strength now. Let her earn fabulous wealth for her family and enjoy doing it.

Sarah Palin drives the left nuts and I appreciate that. The liberals have brought political discourse to such a low level it is hard to imagine what else they can do to her. All of the hateful personal attacks that the left felt free to give to George W. Bush was transferred to Sarah Palin, and then some. The personal attacks were all they had against Palin, since her professional career was nothing but successful and brave and groundbreaking in Alaska. Liberal 'feminists' were especially tough on her with the personal attacks. They didn't give her the respect of arguing about her policy stances, as is the acceptable behavior in political campaigns. No, it was personal with them.

I was and still am hugely disappointed that men, especially conservative men, didn't rise up and defend Sarah Palin as she was smeared night after night on cable television and in newspapers across the country. And the treatment of Palin by liberal bloggers is unmentionable. Palin was left out there on her own to fend for herself - even women in the McCain campaign allowed stories to come out about internal friction and their disapproval of Palin's actions on the campaign trail. Unforgivable.

Sarah Palin is a strong, principled, motivated woman. She fights like a girl. I am thankful she is in my political party.

Game on.

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Bill589 said...

I noticed that some on the Left are producing anti-Palin movies.
However, they are not producing an Obama movie.

Let’s see: The movie could be called, ‘The Obama Nation’, and show O’s childhood, his parents, and then his grade school friends, his college friends, his political friends, his community organizing, and then . . . what was his accomplishments? . . .

Never mind: I just listed a bunch of reasons why there can never be an Obama film.

This is yet another example of the natural advantage of having the truth on our side.