Monday, June 27, 2011

Texas Legislature Passes Health Care Compact Participation

The Texas Legislature passed the Health Care Compact legislation and it is now on the way to Governor Perry's desk. At the core of the debate is whether Texans can best determine the needs of its state residents on health care coverage or is that decision best made in Washington, D.C. Texans say let Texans make their own decisions, thank you very much.

Texas Public Policy Foundation has been encouraging the legislation's passage since the opening of the 2011 legislative session.

“The Texas Legislature’s approval of our state’s participation in the Health Care Compact is one huge step forward to having health care decisions made as close to home as possible, ideally by citizens in consultation with their physicians and without interference from the federal government,” said TPPF Executive Director Arlene Wohlgemuth.

“America’s health care crisis is not going to be solved by Washington, DC, but rather by getting those decisions out of DC and back to the people of Texas.”

Once Gov. Rick Perry signs Senate Bill 7, Texas will join Georgia and Oklahoma as participants in the Health Care Compact. Legislation has also been introduced or is being drafted in at least one dozen other states.

“Medicaid in its present form is unsustainable for Texas,” Wohlgemuth said. “Without the flexibility and cost predictability provided by the Health Care Compact, the federal Medicaid program will further crowd out core state government functions such as education, public safety, and transportation.”

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