Sunday, June 12, 2011

Volunteers Requested to Read Palin E-Mails

Remember back in 2008 when the media decided to not be very forthcoming on stories about candidate Barack Obama that may be seen in a negative light? Those stories, whether it was the one about him attending a fundraising dinner with a pro-Palestinian, anti Jew friend or a network news division deciding not to run the tape made of Obama in San Francisco privately mocking gun-toting, religious, conservative voters in the midwest, were conveniently shelved. The media was determined to make Obama the President, despite no qualifications or experience that would indicate that he was capable of handling the job.

During this same campaign season Sarah Palin burst onto the national scene and boosted the sinking candidacy of Senator John McCain on the Republican side. A Republican woman politician who worked her way up to Governor of Alaska - from PTO to City Council to Mayor and then Governor - she was too much for the mainstream press to handle. She was not an egghead policy wonk nor was she out to prove she was East Coast, Ivy League smart. She was a regular person who drew record crowds and every day people related to as a human being.

There was no stone left unturned on the Palin household. Her children were fair game for unkind and sometimes vicious stories. Her decision to give birth to a child with Down Syndrome instead of choosing abortion was more than the 'progressive' people could understand. Her trash cans were excavated and every person in Wasilla was interviewed for a tidbit of gossip. It was all very bizarre, to say the least.

Hordes of reporters were sent to Alaska to do oppo research for Team Obama. It was quite obvious. There was little attempt to even cover up any bias during the 2008 election cycle. The story line was set - Barack Obama was to be the first black president (though he is bi-racial) and Sarah Palin was stupid. John McCain was old and feeble minded while Joe Biden was suddenly the smartest guy ever on foreign policy. Never mind that Joe Biden has habitually been on the wrong side of history in his votes and opinions.

Palin resigned from office before her term as Governor was complete. For personal reasons, she decided it was the right decision and saved her family financial ruin from frivolous lawsuits. She is a private citizen making lots of money and helping the campaigns of candidates of whom she supports. The 'progressives' who were desperate to keep her out of national office now enjoy calling her a quitter and continuing to criticize every move.

Now that there is no clear frontrunner in the GOP primary race and Palin has been indecisive in declaring whether or not she will run herself, the media has opened a new circus. Some 24,000 e-mails written by Palin as Governor have been released and the national press has gone nuts. Reporters were sent to Alaska to pick them up - five boxes worth - and two large newspapers even asked readers for volunteers to read them for the publications, looking for anything juicy to write about.

Let's mull that over for a minute, shall we? A FOIA request is granted and e-mails from a former Governor, now a private citizen and not running for public office, are to be scrutinized by volunteer readers of the Washington Post and The New York Times. Has this request from these newspapers ever been issued before? No, of course not. Did the Washington Post ask for volunteers to read the Pentagon Papers?

While Michelle Obama was on the campaign trail voicing concern for her husband - a black man in America, she said - Palin, it is now discovered, was receiving e-mails with death threats from the rabid left in the country.

One message sent by someone in Juneau, Alaska on Sept 17, 2008 said the governor should be "shot from one of the planes that shoot the very wolves that you ordered."

Five days earlier an email landed in her in-box saying she "must be killed."

It said: "She doesn't belong to the NRA to support the right of each citizen to have weapons in an aim of self-defence, but just to support the right of every southern white citizen to shoot all non-white people legally! Sarah Palin MUST BE KILLED!"

Another emailed death threat in the same month, while Mrs Palin was on the campaign trail as John McCain's vice-presidential running mate, came from Antwerp, Belgium.

It said Mrs Palin should be shot and that "only on that moment justice will be accomplished."

Last summer a tabloid style author rented the house next door to the Palins in Alaska to do "research" on a book about her.

Where are all the stories now about Palin from the e-mails from the media determined to destroy her at any cost? There are none. Everything that could have possibly been written about, however irrational, has been written about.

Palin's success certainly brings contempt from the 'progressive' left.

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