Friday, July 21, 2006

Fiesty Friday

Feeling a little full of it for some reason today. I'll just go with it.

First, of course, is the Fool of the Week: This week, hands down, George Voinovich.

The Senator from Ohio who felt it was his moral obligation to oppose President Bush's nominee to the U.N. because he didn't bother to go to the hearings of the nomination or do the homework on John Bolton's history/career as a civil servant. He just showed up at the last committee meeting and took the word of the democrats on the committee who has already decided to oppose the nominaton, en masse. John Bolton was too strident, had bogus harrassment charges against him by a former employee, that were disproved (she was a democrat party operative, shocking, I know), and he might be mean on the upper East side of Manhattan. Senator Voinovich went to the floor of the Senate and had the famous crying jag over his decision to vote no and thus torpedo the President's pick for U.N. ambassador. He put on quite the show for someone so worried about how someone else would act in public.

So, this week comes the statement from Voinovich : "I believe Bolton has been tempered and focused on speaking for the administration. He has referred regularly to "my instructions" from Washington, whle also displaying his own clear and strong grasp of the issues and the way forward within the Security Council. He has stood many times side by side with collegues from Japan, Britain, Canada and other countries, showing a commitment to cooperation within the United Nations..." "Should the president choose to renominate him, I cannot imagine a worse message to send to the terrorists--and to other nations deciding whether to engage in this effort--than to drag out a possible renomination process or even replace the person our president has entrusted to lead our nation at the United Nations at a time when we are working on these historic objectives. For me or my colleagues in the Senate ot now question a possible renomination would jeopardize our influence in the United Nations and encourage those who oppose the United States to make Bolton the issue, thereby undermining our policies and agenda."

Yeah, ya think, Senator? Too bad you decided to let a little theatre of the absurd take over and not stand up for the nomination in the first place. Your ball-dropping on this has tainted your reputation, not enhanced it as some principled stand as you had hoped. You look foolish at the present time when Ambassador Bolton's strong professionalism is shining through with all that is happening in the world. He is a strong voice of reason and the free world agrees, even those not willing to publicly support us. You are a very small man, Senator.

Need a hankie now?

The good people of Ohio need a Republican not willing to take marching orders from Chuckie Schumer and Patrick Leahy on that committee. They deserve much better than they got.

This week also brought the following blurbs that made me wonder if I had fallen throught the looking glass: Bill Maher applauds President Bush and calls him heroic for his strong, continued stand with Israel. Again, where ya been, Bill? That 's the same reason you hate President Bush - he remains steadfast on his core values and principles, not looking at the current polling results. The other way of governing got us in this mess in the first place.

CNN showed the piece about baby Logan I talked about a day or two ago who is now able to leave Lebanon with his new Mom from New Hampshire. Wow, an actual good news story from the region. The reporter did, however, convienently leave out the fact it was a talk show host from Fox News and his bringing in the local politicans that got the family on the way to reuniting after getting Homeland Security to green light the new baby American's papers. CNN doesn't do that kind of thing. That would get in the way of their personal opinion reporting.

And finally, Oliver Stone seems to have made a movie I may actually watch. The new movie about 9/11, "World Trade Center" is getting good reviews from all sides. Stone doesn't bash President Bush, doesn't claim it was all a conspiracy from Israel, doesn't make fun of Christians, or bash America. Wow.

I'm happy to say I watched Anderson Cooper for a while last night and he had on a different shirt.

Now I look forward to watching some movies, enjoying the Saturday morning cooking shows and catching up on laundry. All stuff that lets my brain switch off and relax for a while.

Hubby e-mailed this morning and is safely in Kazakhstan. He'll be on the drilling rig tomorrow. The weather is great. No 40 degree below temps this time around.


Beverly said...

Do enjoy your weekend away from the news. Stay cool!

I love your posts and your take on happenings in the world.

srp said...

Safely here in Brooklyn. So far there is far too much fabulous old architecture and photo ops to believe. I keep turning here and there and snap, snap, snapping away. Nyssa is back in Virginia, doing her usual "sniff, sniff, Mississippi is my home" thing she does after every trip there. That will last until the next time she gets crossways with her friend about Sewanee or until she goes back to William and Mary.

The people here got rid of their cable, they said the company tried to fleece everyone so decided they had no time for it anyway. Lots of movies however and parks and bridges and ..... I am beside myself.