Monday, July 24, 2006

Monday Morsels

So, today I am moving slowly and pacing myself entering into the new week. I did, however make it to the grocery store and run into my old friend, Martha White, who alerted me to the fact that her brownie mix was on sale. I didn't want to insult the old girl so I purchased a mix and have since baked it. The brownies are cooling as I type. May be just the cure for today's slow moving pace.

The dog show has left town now. They did an interesting thing with the Best of Show awards: they gave one each day instead of one overall award for the whole show. For Friday, the winner was a cocker spaniel, Saturday was a golden retriever and Sunday was a boxer. Should you need that bit of trivia, now you are set. Break ice at a gathering all you want.

In today's lifestyle section of the newspaper is a very large photo of a Texan who is doing very well in a tv competition called "Rock Star: Supernova". I haven't seen it but did hear an interview with this young woman on the radio last week. Her name is Dilana and I see she is all tatooed up and lots of piercing on her face. I must confess, I just don't get it. All I can think about is what will they do as old people all wrinkly? Long after the fads pass and they are stuck with permanent ink markings and holes in their bodies, that's what concerns me. I have double pierced ears, that's the extent of my indulgence. No tatoos. The first set of holes made when I was 16, much to the horror of my parents who thought only trashy girls pierced their ears, and then the second set of ear holes made when I celebrated my 30th birthday. I usually wear diamond studs or pearls in the second holes.

My husband has a small tatoo on a part of his body not exposed to anyone but me, or maybe his personal doctor, and that was from a very drunken night in New Orleans, as the story goes. With his usual partaking of said alcohol, particularly while living in New Orleans all those years as a single guy, it's a wonder he had sense enough to be discreet with the tatoo at all.

That's all I've got today. Later, gators.


srp said...

Max will be pleased to know that a cocker won something. I hope he is best in manners tomorrow when my dad has to take him for his chemo pill. Dad is old, not real balanced on his feet and Max can be real excited to see all the other dogs. Here's hoping.

Jennifer said...

My daughter has a rather largish butterfly across the bottom of her back for all eternity. It looks cute - in a white trashy sort of way - for now. But someday? I can't even imagine. I just keep picturing the skit they did on Saturday Night Live a few years back about old gals and their now distorted body art.

Sheri & SuZan said...

No tats here! the thought of a sharp object in my flesh...not gonna happen.

Now I too have double pierced ears. I did grow up in the 70s/80s...and also, to the horror of my parents.


AC said...

When my daughter's best friend got her third one, I had to ask how that was going to look in her wedding pictures. She just shook her head at my lameness.

Just call me "Her Lameness" i don't care. I've seen the old-skin tatoos at Walmart on 60-ish women. Its just gross.

I've got a double ear pierce on one side only and I wear a tiny celtic knot there. Just me trying to be odd. Kinda pathetic attempt, huh. I always wanted to be a hippie but my mother wouldn't let me.