Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Here Comes The Sun

The sun is out today and the streets are drying up. The ground is muddy and squishy. The sun is out and doing its best. It'll be 92 today. Finally we may be in the 70's by Thursday. The weather guessers have been promising us this cooler weather for two weeks now.

The storms of the past two days were a complete surprise to most of us. The weather guessers said rain but nobody said monsoons. It seems Tropical Storm Norman stalled out over Acapulco, moved over Mexico and came into Texas. We had a similar situation in 2001 when Tropical Storm Allison stalled over the area and Allison ended up lasting longer and was worse in inches dumped. However, with Allison, our piece of the rock fared much better.

Yesterday was a hellacious day. First with the flooding of the streets in the subdivision came the clogging of the sewer lines. We were without working bathrooms until the middle of the afternoon. Good times. I kept son home and we hung here at home. Hubby went to work after daylight and later in the morning after rush traffic. He left the office early and got to within 3 blocks of home and flooded out in high water in our subdivision.

We wanted to replace that vehicle but not with this aggravation! Now there is the insurance company involved and the repair place with estimates, etc. It'll end up a total loss, though. So this will accelerate the auto upgrade for that vehicle.

It's always something.

I watched President Bush sign into law the Military Commissions Act. That issue is finally settled now.

"This nation will call evil by its name." - President George W. Bush 10/17/06


srp said...

Heard about the rain.... it didn't get up in your house did it?

We were gone this weekend... left Friday AM at about 3AM and drove 16 hours to southern Illinois. Had a party on Saturday and drove back on Sunday. I figured up and in 64 hours, I drove 32. It took a day for the hands to quit buzzing and to stop feeling like I was still moving.

Beverly said...

I didn't realize you were having bad weather until I watched Fox from Tampa Bay today. They were talking about the rain in the panhandle and over in your area.

We can't live without water and fire, but they both can certainly play havoc.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the sun is out for you but 92 degrees and all that water spells Way Too Humid to me.

The sewer/flooding issue is one I hadn't thought of. What a mess.