Wednesday, October 25, 2006

To Do Today

Hubby called last night from Hong Kong. He's doing well and was waiting for his visa for entrance into China. His work location this time is well into the middle/north of the country, almost into Mongolian territory.

Today my son's AP American History class is taking a field trip to the Natural Museum of Science. They'll be viewing the Ben Franklin exhibit honoring his 300th birthday. This exhibit sounds really special - the artifacts are not reproductions. There is, for example, handwritten correspondence, a working copy of the U.S. Constitution, a first printing of Poor Richard's Almanac and a Franklin family Bible with his signature in it. They get to see Franklin's printing press, his dining room chairs, his china, chess set and the last known surviving lightning rod he made! I am really looking forward to going myself when hubby gets home. We love this stuff.

I heard on the local news last night that the "Lucy" remains will be exhibited here in October 2007, the real remains not reproductions. That is so incredible. My husband will be beside himself over hearing this news. Yes, we embrace our geekiness!

The political ads made by Michael J. Fox are disturbing. It's a shame his intentions have to be questioned due to the false claims someone wrote for him to say. The claim is that Senator Talent doesn't support stem cell research. False. He is on record voting in favor of funding it. He doesn't, however, support embryonic stem cell research federal funding. Fox doesn't take his medication before shooting these ads and the ravages of the disease are apparent. It's his right, of course. Just not very honest.

It's like when the Kerry/Edwards campaign claimed a vote for them was a vote for Christopher Reeve walking again. Cheap political points at the expense of false hope for the infirmed.

Now those questioning the claims made by Fox are accused of attacking him. Wrong. The questions concern Fox's factual content in the ads.

Like when the whole debate of immigration/illegal immigration comes up. Just be honest with your choice of words. The American people, the electorate are not ignorant. This ad very well may backfire. The midwest is not nearly as awestruck with celebrity as the coasts are. Two weeks out from an election looks a bit desperate.

Early voting began Monday here. I'm off to do it now and then to finish other errands. Just hoping I get it all finished before the rain falls again.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand how being against "federal funding" precludes research. It doesn't and I always believe if there is a discovery to be found it will happen first in the private sector. These ads are misleading and I agree with you that the midwest (and the south) aren't so awed by celebrity. The rebuttal ads are interesting.

What is that Jim Caviezel (sp) is saying -- is is Aramaic?

delta said...

Ah the political arena. NO THANKS. I admire you gals who hang in there. But over the recent years, since Reagan, I have become so disillusioned with both parties that I no longer listen to either side. I no longer believe one vote can change anything. I do believe that both parties have agendas that don't include the welfare of the little man. I so wish I still had stars in my eyes ....especially since I was such a staunch Republican. But now all I am is dissillusioned....with both sides.

Hollywood needs to give up its pulpit, they're no wiser or no better than us, just more money to get their word out there.

In an election year I can see lies on both sides. very very sad. I am smart enough to know however that no matter what party Hillary belonged to...I wouldn't ever vote for her. If she wins I may have to think about what country I'm moving to. If she had thrown his clothes onto the WhiteHouse lawn with his saxophone on top and told him "do NOT come back" any real woman would..I would have voted for her myself......LOL!!! No, just kidding, never mind.