Monday, October 23, 2006

Merry Monday

So, I got about 3 hours sleep last night. Hubby got in from being out in the Gulf of Mexico a couple of days last week Friday night, then Saturday was told he'd be leaving on a 6:00 flight to China this morning. He left for the airport about 2:30 this morning. The flight goes from Chicago to Hong Kong. Then he'll connect in Hong Kong to go into China after probably a day or two's layover to get everything in order.

I watched a marathon of "Andy Griffith Show" on TV Land while I was passing the time last night, waiting for him to head out.

I'm a little disoriented this morning.

Sunday night tv viewing is a coming together of my favorite areas of entertainment, I was thinking last night. First I watch "Amazing Race" which combines travel and adventure, then "Desperate Housewives" which is light and trashy, then "Sons and Daughters" which is politics and social issues.

Heroes in today's times - The Alaskans in the remote village who refused the offer of cheap heating oil from Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. Good for them. They said it was their patriotic duty to say no to the oil. They didn't appreciate how Chavez spoke about America and President Bush.

Too bad the politicians in Massachusetts didn't have that kind of character last year. The true nature of Chavez was shining through in speeches he was making around the world but the politicians chose to do a band-aid solution for feel good results instead of standing on principle.


I need a little nap.


srp said...

Massachusetts? I wouldn't expect anything different from them... they have been re-electing a Senator who at least should have been charged with vehicular manslaughter when the girl in the car he was driving went off that bridge.

Anonymous said...

Chavez is a scary and all together annoying dude.