Sunday, October 08, 2006

Wrapping Up The Week

And on the seventh day we rest...

This morning I spoke with hubby and he is meandering the roads of Wyoming to entertain himself all day. I'm envious of that, I must admit. When I was a little girl, my aunt's in-laws had a place in Jackson Hole and I know how beautiful the landscape can be out there. He'll be able to catch a non-stop out of Salt Lake City tomorrow and be home tomorrow night.

There's talk he may be heading back down to Bolivia.

I watched the one and only governor's candidate debate Friday night. I had to tape "Grey's Anatomy" to do it. Only one debate. Friday night in Texas with the classic rivals, UT/OU playing Saturday and all the folks on the road for that, not to mention all the Friday night games for high school? What were they thinking? Anyway, it was pretty much a snore.

Kinky Friedman is running as an Independent for governor. Have you heard of him? He is an entertainer and is quite witty, but it's hard to take him seriously. There have been moments, though, when the idea doesn't sound so bad to me. I am no fan of Rick Perry, the Republican governor now in office, formerly a Democrat. He's a pretty boy/man kind of guy. All hat no cattle, as they say in Texas. He, too, loves the entertainers. Russell Crowe and his band played at Perry's daughter's 16th b'day party. Carole Keeton Strayhorn is running as an Independent. She used to be a Democrat when she was mayor of Austin, then a Republican as State Comptroller now an Independent. She is the mother of 4 sons, two of which have been in D.C. with President Bush - Scott was the President's press secretary and her son, Mark is the FDA chief. Then there's Chris Bell, the Democrat running for governor. I don't want to be ugly here, but, the man's a little whiner. He has those beady little eyes and whiny voice. He is a perpetual candidate since losing his one and only trip to D.C. as a member of the House of Reps due to re-districting. He blames Tom DeLay for all the failures in his life as he engineered the re-districting efforts. Bell was also responsible for moving along the Ronnie Earle grand jury scavenger hunt against DeLay. Bell's wife is a Republican insider here in Houston, or used to be. Don't hear anything from her lately. I do know she was battling cancer earlier this year.

SO, slim pickings this year for the big office in Austin.

My mother in law called yesterday. She's waiting for hubby to get home to sign some papers she needs. Seems her attorney notified her of the existance of 60 acres of land owned by her and my deceased father in law that she didn't know were out there. So, she needs hubby to sign on the dotted line that he doesn't care if she sells the property. Hubby's father owned a lumber mill and apparently this land was purchased in those days. It's in the beautiful hill country of southern Indiana. Anyway, I'm golden with her for the time being. Her birthday is rapidly approaching - her 84th- and "we" gave her a subscription to Southern Living and Paula Deen's magazines as her present. Both have begun arriving. We will also send flowers as we always do. She is a south Georgia native and still loves the southern stuff!

Let's just say she knows who is responsible for gift giving around here, after all these years!


Beverly said...

It sounds like your choices for governor are similar to those in Florida. We have no independents, only the usual Democrat and a Republican who wants to ride in on Jeb Bush's coattails.

I voted for Jeb his first and second run. The only reason I voted for him the second time was that there was absolutely no way I would have voted for the Democratic candidate.

It is nice indeed that your MIL realizes that it you, the DIL, who is responsible for the gifts. I've been tempted to get Paula Deen's magazine, although I haven't seen a copy of it. She's such a hoot. I stopped with Southern Living a long time ago. It is more ads than anything else. However, if someone has a copy lying around, I'm quick to pick it up and read it.

aka_Meritt said...

Oooo I'd love to own that land. Just what I'm looking for in life right now. Well, not actually in Indiana - but I'd accept it. :)

srp said...

Land is always good.
My head is about to burst with all the politic stuff. Today the local CNN branch set up shop in our church parking lot to try and see who people were voting for for representative. I avoided them. I have no idea why the pastor allowed it... I'm sure all CNN wants to do is laugh at the "religious right".