Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2010 Medal of Freedom Honorees

The Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest recognition given by the President, was awarded to 15 people Tuesday at the White House.

There are 15 honorees: President George H. W. Bush, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Congressman John Lewis, John H. Adams, Maya Angelou??, Warren Buffett, Jasper Johns, Gerda Weissmann Klein, Dr. Tom Little (Posthumous), Yo-Yo Ma, Sylvia Mendez, Stan Musial, Bill Russell, Jean Kennedy Smith and John J. Sweeney.

In a statement, President Obama said of the recipients, ” These outstanding honorees come from a broad range of backgrounds and they’ve excelled in a broad range of fields, but all of them have lived extraordinary lives that have inspired us, enriched our culture, and made our country and our world a better place…I look forward to awarding them this honor next year.”

The White House website has a brief summary of the lives of the recipients. I admit, I don't fully understand why some of these choices were made.

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