Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Obama Silent on Libya Protests

It's 3:00 AM in the Middle East and northern Africa yet President Obama is hitting the snooze button. He has, unfortunately, been quite consistent in his aloof responses to the continued protests of those who wish to be free of brutal dictators.

So far, all the world has heard from President Obama is that he doesn't support violence. Gee, talk about phoning in the minimum response. Every other leader of substance has weighed in on the latest eruption - that in Libya. Late Monday afternoon, the State Department tweeted Secretary Clinton's disapproval of the situation.

Even the corrupt United Nations, which placed Libya on the Security Council:


"The secretary-general expressed deep concern at the escalating scale of violence and emphasized that it must stop immediately. He reiterated his call for respect for basic freedoms and human rights, including peaceful assembly and information," the spokesman said after Ban spoke to Gaddafi.

" ... The secretary-general underlined the need to ensure the protection of the civilian population under any circumstances. He urged all parties to exercise restraint and called upon the authorities to engage in broad-based dialogue to address legitimate concerns of the population."

Another example, from the Brits:


"The UK is gravely concerned about the situation in Libya which is deplorable and unacceptable."

"We are today summoning the Libyan Ambassador to London to the Foreign Office, to convey in the strongest terms our absolute condemnation of the use of lethal force against demonstrators."

Obama was quick to go to Cairo just after he was elected and his team made quite a production out of it. His speech delivered there was praised by the slobbering press and the Obama loyal. He said essentially nothing but it was a path to declaring that he was the non-Bush President. It was the beginning of the never ending Obama apology tour overseas.

The Bush freedom agenda is bearing fruit. The countries in the Middle East and in north Africa have no foundation of democracy and it is messy business, this change being demanded by the people protesting in the town squares and streets. President Obama would be a believable champion of "the people" if he acted as one, not just mouthed the pretty speeches. He has yet to prove himself a leader domestically or abroad. Opportunities have been lost.

The Obama administration - led by President Obama - failed in Lebanon, Iran, Tunisia, Syria, Egypt, Bahrain (where the U.S. has a military interest), and now Libya. There are other protests on the horizon. Jordan has made reform efforts to get out in front of demonstration. Saudi Arabia had to micro-manage the Egyptian change of power.

President Obama is correct - he is no George W. Bush.

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