Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nir Rosen: Misogyny Alive in Liberal Journalism

CBS reporter Lara Logan was covering the Egyptian protests and she became a part of the story as she was attacked and sexually brutalized in the crowd. Her attack was so harsh that she had to be rescued by approximately 20 women and some security forces before the men would let her go. She was hospitalized.

Logan was on the receiving end of much public support by journalists and reporters as the story was released by her employer. It is important for Americans to remember the utter disregard for women many in the Middle East hold. More than standard discrimination moves that can happen here in America, women in the Middle East are held to unreal personal standards that, if broken, result in stonings and honor killings. It is barbaric.

We hope that American men rise above such cave man mentality. Most usually do. Then along comes one who is supposed to be educated and is a liberal politically - that means he's a superior person when it comes to worldly attitudes, in his circles. At least in the minds of other liberals. The truth is exposed and the results of his actions were interesting.

Liberal anti-war journalist Nir Rosen enters the story. Social media again plays a role in current events. It appears Rosen has a bone to pick with Logan and her coverage of wars.

Rosen clarified his initial reference to former American commander in Afghanistan Stanley McChrystal, writing that the assault should serve as a reminder of Logan’s “role glorifying war and condemning Rolling Stone’s Hastings while defending McChrystal.”

When the news of Logan's attack was released by CBS News, the initial information was sketchy at best. It, at first, appeared to be another story of a journalist being roughed up during the protests. Unfortunately, many of these stories have been reported. The difference here was that unlike other women who have been reporting rough treatment, Logan was sexually attacked. It was reported later as a brutal attack and that she was hospitalized.

From the initial report: "Logan was covering the jubilation . . . when she and her team and their security were surrounded by a dangerous element amidst the celebration," CBS said in a statement. "It was a mob of more than 200 people whipped into a frenzy.

"In the crush of the mob, [Logan] was separated from her crew. She was surrounded and suffered a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating before being saved by a group of women and an estimated 20 Egyptian soldiers.

"She reconnected with the CBS team, returned to her hotel and returned to the United States on the first flight the next morning," the network added. "She is currently in the hospital recovering."

Logan is the Chief Foreign correspondent for CBS News. There were reports that the crowd attacking Logan shouted, "Jew" as they surrounded her. Logan is not Jewish.

This is how Rosen's involvement began on Twitter:

The initial tweet by Rosen stated, “Lara Logan had to outdo Anderson. Where was her buddy McCrystal.” From this tweet he went further, writing that he would have been amused if Anderson Cooper had also been sexually assaulted.

“Yes yes its wrong what happened to her. Of course. I don’t support that. But, it would have been funny if it happened to Anderson too,” wrote Rosen.

The two comments gave way to more. Rosen called Logan a “war monger” and expressed doubt that she was actually assaulted.

“Jesus Christ, at a moment when she is going to become a martyr and glorified we should at least remember her role as a major war monger” wrote Rosen.

“Look, she was probably groped like thousands of other women, which is still wrong, but if it was worse than [sic] I’m sorry.”

If you watch the interview conducted by CNN's Anderson Cooper and Nir Rosen the obvious is apparent: those who proclaim themselves supporters of women are frequently not. Especially true among liberals. This is a vile example of that theory.

Watch here:

The irony, if you listen to the interview, is that Rosen says he is in the Middle East right now and is there to report on abuse of women by security forces trained by Americans. He says he is a strong supporter of women. His actions speak otherwise. Though no doubt the true motive was for him to do a story by bashing America, somehow, by doing a story of American trained forces in the Middle East, it now comes back on him and he is the story.

Rosen also expresses that he thinks it would be amusing for Anderson Cooper to experience the sexual assault, too.

So, to the Egyptians barbarians, Logan deserved her treatment because not only is she a woman but they thought she was a Jew. To Rosen, Logan deserved her treatment because she reports on war without do so with his own opinion of anti-war sentiments coming through.

Who is this man, Nir Rosen? He is a far left liberal working as a journalist and a fellow at NYU's Center on Law and Security. Even the standard left leaning news sources refer to him as a liberal journalist, so that is telling. He covered the war in Iraq and like many liberals in the press, criticized Logan for calling the Rolling Stone journalist who wrote the piece on Gen McChrystal "sensationist". For that she reaped the wrath of Rosen. To Rosen, Logan is a "warmonger".

Rosen has resigned from his NYU employment. His apology to Logan will be for her to accept. It is difficult to think any woman would believe anything coming from this guy.

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