Sunday, February 20, 2011

WI Gov Walker Speaks About Protests and Democrats

During a press conference,Wisconsin Governor Walker states the state senate Democrats have to show up to work to offer amendments or voice opposition to his bill on public employees benefits:

Instead of running to Illinois and phoning in demands to cable television shows like common hostage takers - in this case the business of the people of Wisconsin - at a resort or a Best Western, the legislators are expected to show up and do the work of the people who elected them. Walker said he would not be cowed by the protesters - organized by union bosses and the DNC out of Washington, D.C. - and that a vote would be taken on the necessary budget cuts. Instead of going on cable television and listing demands - as a hostage taker would of ransom demands - it was time to be a mature adult and get on with it.

The politicians are paid to do the work of legislating. It is cowardly to run and avoid a vote. An interesting point the governor made was speaking about legislation the Democrats in the legislature tried to ram through between the November election, when the new governor was elected, and the January swearing-in of Walker to the office. It appears the Wisconsin legislature tried to mimic the national Democrats in a lame duck session. This makes their claims of not being listened to or being shut out of the process ring with hypocrisy.

President Obama is heavily invested in the protests now. Working with the DNC and Organizing for America (the activist wing of the Obama campaign - the rent a mob wing), Obama knows he cannot win re-election without Wisconsin. There are reports that the plans are in place for the same scenario taking place in Indiana and Ohio as the Republican governors there bring forth legislation to balance their state budgets. These are also must-win states for Obama. This website referenced is in the know - the publisher is part of frequent conference calls with the White House advisers presenting the message of the day. He is quite obedient about doing the Team Obama bidding.

It is important for Governor Walker to stand firm and do what is necessary for Wisconsin's future. He cannot lose a battle to those who expect to live off their fellow community members without also making sacrifices. The president cannot be allowed to set this standard - that it is ok for him to micromanage management of a state and send in the goons to get the results he wants.

It's for the Obama 2012 re-election campaign and it is wrong.


The Heathen Republican said...

I'm revealing my ignorance... I understand this fight is primarily over collective bargaining. Aren't unions inseparable from collective bargaining?

When I think of a union, it's about joining together to make demands. If you take away collective bargaining, what's the point of a union?

Atlanta Roofing said...

Walker is still trying to ignore the situation thinking it is just going to go away or something. How's that working out? Be a leader, governor, and more importantly­ LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE.