Monday, February 21, 2011

Louisiana State Senate Joins House And Goes GOP

The State of Louisiana went completely red Saturday. I am especially pleased as the area includes a former city of residence for me and my little family.

This is huge. By a slim margin of less than 600 votes, Republicans in Louisiana now control the state House and Senate. Jonathan Perry's victory insures the reforms Gov Bobby Jindal wants to make can be accomplished.

Saturday's election was to fill a vacant Senate seat in the Acadiana area that includes all or parts of Vermilion, Acadia, Lafayette and St. Landry parishes. The race pitted Perry, a lawyer and state representative from Kaplan, against Granger of Erath, a member of the Vermilion Parish Police Jury and owner of an oil services company.

The Senate is currently split between 19 Republicans and 19 Democrats, so the special election has been closely watched because the winner of the vacant 26th District seat will determine the majority party. If Perry's win is certified, it will be the first time the GOP has controlled the chamber since Reconstruction.

A new day is coming for Louisiana.

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