Sunday, February 20, 2011

Doctor Passes Out Phony Excuses for Protesting Teachers

This is a video of a doctor willing to write medical excuses for absent teachers from the class rooms of Wisconsin. Nice. That's a terrific lesson to teach the children they profess to be doing all this for. Teachers are illegally breaking their contracts to protest and a doctor arrives to provide phony written excuses for them, after they were told they would suffer consequences from their actions.


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James Nicholas said...

It is also a violation of medical professional standards in a number of ways. The physician writing the note is claiming that a professional relationshiop exists between the "patient" and the physician, so the physician is expected to keep records to document the contact. A history and physical exam are expected to be in such records. Further, the contact between patient and physican is a private, protected interaction. Discussing a patient in an open, public environment is a violation of the HIPPA laws and would be considered a professional misconduct. Lastly, as the notes are being used by the teachers to file for fraudulent claims for medical pay, the group of physicians shown are in fact a part of a conspiracy to defraud the government.

All that to say, your gut instinct on this one is on the money.