Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Photo From Obama's Techie Dinner

It was billed as the photo we are all waiting to see - that from the dinner in San Francisco for the tech poobahs and President Obama. The object of interest is Apple CEO, Steve Jobs. Jobs is battling serious illness and has been out of camera range for some time.

The photo can be viewed here.

What I noticed is that it is a monolithic looking group. All white folks except for Obama. White men and two white women. The women are seated at the head and end of the table, in the traditional seats of the host and hostess.

Just an observation. San Francisco is held as place of far left politics. It's the place where Obama got into a jam on the presidential campaign trail for speaking to a group of supporters at a private residence and went off into his riff that those not supporting him are gun-toting, religious fanatics clinging to their beliefs because they have nothing else.

What is done in private is usually the true essence of a person. This is where we are most relaxed and our guard is let down. This is no doubt why the dinner for the techies was held in a private residence - for a small, relaxed group setting so that people could speak freely.

Will the race baiters so eager to tell every company in the country to hire more people of color to top positions stay quiet here? Is the San Francisco area exempt from the expectations put upon others?

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