Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Attention Houston Conservative Bloggers: Jackson-Lee Wants You to Shut Up

Attention fellow conservative bloggers in Houston area: Rep Sheila Jackson-Lee wants you to shut up. She thinks you are racist and have no business writing about politics. That was her response to Tavis Smiley and his question of what did she think about conservative ( "right wing") bloggers writing about a riff in the support of Obama and the Congressional Black Caucus after he lectured them on supporting him at their gala event.

Are you cool with that?

She "can't wait to get to the floor of the House" and talk about it. This from the woman appearing on the Tavis Smiley show - the Tavis Smiley who champions racial victimhood at every junction.

Untitled from Naked Emperor News on Vimeo.

Now, no one is going to mistake Sheila Jackson-Lee for a rocket scientist. Her hypocrisy is famous in Houston. She doesn't fail to embarrass us regularly. To Jackson-Lee, anyone less liberal than herself is "right wing".

You remember Sheila Jackson-Lee, don't you? She's the member of Congress who took a cell phone call on a town hall stage rather than respond to a question from an audience member. It was caught on tape and went viral on the Internet as the Tea Party movement exploded in the summer of 2009.

There are lots of times we'd like to tell Sheila Jackson-Lee to just shut up but there is the matter of the First Amendment. No wonder her party is so sensitive a movement in tune with the Constitution and the founding principles of our nation.

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