Saturday, September 24, 2011

Psychology Today Magazine Pleads Obama's Case in Op-Ed

Joining in with most other publications with national circulation rosters, today I read an op-ed in "Psychology Today" which pleads for the re-election of Barack Obama. The reason? The op-ed author wants to convince you that Barack Obama works with everyone and we need more people like that leading our country.


After choking on my coffee I thought, you know, these people really believe their dribble about the open-mindedness of Barack Obama. While the profession is dominated by liberal leaning professionals, this seems a bit much. Plus, it's just a false premise.

If this professional would step back and take off the rose-colored glasses, he would see that the exact opposite is the case. This president has mocked, sternly lectured and ridiculed the party of opposition more than any other from the bully pulpit in recent history. He is incapable of making a speech or statement for the press without using straw men and referencing GOP leaders by name for political opposition. He is a bully and he is thin-skinned.

It would seem to me that the author might take a look into the mind of Barack Obama. His huge ego and unlimited arrogance allows him to be viewed as detached, aloof, and in his own bubble.

The op-ed appears in an issue about racism. I kid you not. So, this falls into place with the meme that if you disagree with the politics of Barack Obama, you are a racist. How shallow. And wrong.

The shining example of the non bi-partisan approach of Barack Obama as a president would be the passage of Obamacare. Instead of working on the most pressing issue - jobs and unemployment from the recession - he chose to ram through a huge new entitlement program, along with the Democratically controlled Congress - with no support from the GOP. This has never happened in our country's history.

I would argue that Barack Obama has made things worse. No only is the economy not recovering and a record high level of Americans are on government assistance but Obama encourages the polarization of American politics. He thrives on it, as a matter of fact.

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