Monday, September 12, 2011

White House Bombards Press with Emails After Jobs Speech

A number of hours after the much anticipated jobs speech delivered by President Obama, a bit of reality is setting in.

Here is a response to the Obama speech by Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski. She takes his speech bullet points and explains a common sense Republican reasoning for agreeing or not with them.

The most incredible aspect of all this is that there is no bill on paper. Despite the constant demand by Obama during the speech to "pass the bill now", there is no bill to pass and he will only lay out how he plans for the bill to be paid for in a week or so.

The White House, aka the Obama re-election campaign, went into overdrive and sent out an unusually large number of "supportive" emails to journalists and news organizations. The supporters of the President's speech? Unions, liberal advocacy groups and politicans.

The White House Press Office sent nearly 50 e-mails to reporters overnight with statements of support from the president's allies, including The International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Democratic lawmakers, The Center for American Progress, the mayor of San Francisco and members of Obama's own Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.

Even the Obama cheering section, aka the American press, weren't amused.

The White House Press Office has vomited all over my inbox," wrote Talking Points Memo's Callie Schweitzer.

"White House Press Office says Malia and Sasha support Obama's jobs plan," cracked Washington Examiner opinion columnist Phil Klein.

Obama will travel to Ohio (swing state) to pump up support for the American Jobs bill. The problem? There is no bill. Nothing has been written down on paper. No soaring speech has been delivered on how this all is to be paid for by the taxpayers. Though Obama said over and over again that Congress must pass this bill immediately, there is no such bill.

It was just another speech from a guy running for re-election with really bad polling numbers.

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