Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gingrich Gains Major Tea Party Endorsement

Newt Gingrich received a big endorsement Monday from the founder of Tea Party Nation, Judson Phillips:

Gingrich is the candidate who has the vision to fundamentally change the federal government...He is the big idea man, much as Ronald Reagan was...Gingrich against Obama is a great contrast. He has a track record of accomplishments and has worked at the national level...Obama can offer nothing against him.

I'm not a Tea Party Nation person but the interesting part is the endorsement itself, not the endorser. For Tea Party people, this is something for them to notice. All of the Republicans in the presidential primary are scrambling for Tea Party support and trying to out Tea Party the next person on the debate stage.

This would fall into place with the growing evidence that Michele Bachmann is a one hit wonder with her straw poll results tanking everywhere but in Iowa. She has proven to be not up to the task and her support is shrinking. I don't think she is a bad person, she is just not presidential material. Her social issue beliefs also tend to divide instead of unite the party.

Newt knows history and politics. He knows the primary is long and that initial results don't mean so much. Otherwise, instead of hawking reversable mortgages, Fred Thompson would be president.

Somehow, Gingrich is hanging on and continuing on with presenting big ideas that capture the imagination of the voter. He also is able to remain above the fray and not fall into petty bickering with the other candidates. That benefits us all.

It may be temporary but the rise in the polls for Gingrich is worth a look and noting his actions.


Steve Parkhurst said...

Interesting development. You're right on about Bachmann, like or hate Rick Perry, she looked absolutely foolish in her attacks on the HPV vaccine issue, it was proof she had nothing else left. As for Newt, you're right, he keeps hanging on and he keeps gaining in some ways.

Jo said...

I like Bachmann where she is - in Congress. And when people bring up the fact Perry & Romney use to be Dems, they always forget her in the mix.

I am not so big on Newt though - although whoever gets in needs to bring him into the fold of the Whitehouse.

Anonymous said...

Newt Gingrich has done a lot for this country. This Country is in such a mess that I for one, don't want to "risk" a "fresh" face. We need his intellect, experience, and know-how to make America # 1 again and get people back to work. He straightend out the mess after Carter by standing up to Clinton. The man is brilliant. I don't care about the "baggage". I care about the future of this country; or we will never be a "united" America again. We need this candidate. I don't want to hear promises, cliches or rhetoric that the other candidates have to offer. Gingrich has vision, he's been writing about these things for years. He did it before, he can do it again. He has my vote.