Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Palin Promotes Unity in New Hampshire

Sarah Palin continued on with her maybe I'm running and maybe I'm not running tour with another Tea Party rally appearance. This time it was in New Hampshire, an early voting state of great importance to Presidential candidates. Still no announcement for the crowd.

This is how Palin does it, this staying in the headlines. She is quite the pro at garnering press attention. More power to her, I say.

Sarah Palin rallied a Tea Party crowd here Monday with strong anti-Obama rhetoric, but denied them the thing many had come to hear.

“I appreciate your encouragement,” she said midway through her prepared remarks as the crowd broke into a chant of “Run, Sarah, run!”

She quickly returned to script, advocating what she called a “pro-growth agenda,” although pausing for a moment, in mid-sentence, as if the crowd’s message had made her think.

Later, she said she was “encouraged” by the number of candidates in the race and encouraged the crowd to see the candidates for themselves and not through “the filter of the media.”
It is commendable that Palin is calling for unity among conservatives - Tea Party and GOP alike - as it will take everyone working together to defeat Barack Obama in November 2012. That is the ultimate goal and everyone must rally around one candidate to accomplish that.

It should be noted that the conservative grassroots activist organization, FreedomWorks, organized a protest against Mitt Romney the day before. FreedomWorks has worked to co-op Tea Party groups as they gathered political clout. The organization is led by former House Majority Leader Dick Armey, a longtime politico.

The real question is this - if Palin decides to sit this race out as a candidate, will her most ardent supporters be able to rise above their disappointment and work to elect the GOP candidate?

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