Monday, September 05, 2011

Obama & Biden Use Labor Day to Declare War on GOP/Tea Party

It is beginning to be old news, really. Another rally with union supporters, another call to war against the GOP and Tea Party who oppose the Obama agenda. The President was in Detroit at a GM plant, touting the government rescue of the auto industry - though the results are clearly not complete yet. This event was billed by the White House as a non-campaign event so you know it was all about the campaign.

I guess President Obama and VP Biden don't understand that conservatives and Tea Party members work, too. Some even have to join a union to work. In the land of liberals, sweeping generalizations live on.

Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. took to the stage to declare war on the GOP/Tea Party and his fellow Teamsters cheered him on.

Hoffa declared war on opponents and told Barack Obama that the union members were his "army".

Hey, what ever happened to the new tone in politics? War on political opponents? Foul language against political opponents as speech content? That is the desperate tone of the left as they realize what deep trouble their agenda is in today, as the majority of Americans reject it.

President Obama spoke after Hoffa, Jr.'s declaration of war on opponents of the big union agenda. He was all about "shared prosperity" for those on the union benefits gravy train.

"Now, the fact is our economy is stronger when workers are getting paid good wages and good benefits. Our economy is stronger when we have broad-based growth and broad-based prosperity. That's what unions have always been about, shared prosperity," President Obama said to a union crowd in Detroit, Michigan.

And, Vice President Biden got the memo, too. He wanted to let the AFL-CIO know that Obama agenda opponents are no laughing matter.

In front of an audience of AFL-CIO members, Vice President Biden called those who oppose the Obama agenda "the barbarians at the gate". Nice, coming from the Vice President of the United States. He is suppose to be the Vice President of all of us, not just his own party. Sounds as though he has been around Barack Obama a bit too much lately, what with the hyper-partisan rhetoric he spouts to gin up the audience.

We'll remember in November 2012.

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Jo said...

So loving the civility from the left ... it is so comforting. Like sleeping on rocks :(